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06/29/2018 CASE UPDATE: Clarion Woman Sentenced to 9-18 Years in Prison for Drug Delivery Resulting in Death
06/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Charges Eight Northeast PA Dealers with Selling $1.3 Million in Heroin, Drugs and Illegal Guns
06/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces 15 Arrests in Statewide Medicaid Fraud Sweep
06/29/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Will Take Action to Make Grand Jury Report Public
06/27/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Supreme Court Decision Undermining Public Sector Unions
06/26/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Files Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s Unlawful Family Separation Policy
06/22/2018 CASE UPDATE: “Operation Car Wash” Crime Ring Leader Sentenced to Five to 10 Years in Prison
06/21/2018 Attorney General Shapiro to File Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy
06/21/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Settlement With Tobacco Companies Over Disputed Payments Back to 2004
06/20/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Supreme Court Order Staying Issuance of Grand Jury Report on Sexual Abuse within Catholic Church
06/20/2018 Dauphin County Payroll Firm Owner Sentenced to Jail for Stealing Nearly $6 Million from Small Businesses
06/19/2018 CASE UPDATE: Erie Aide who Poured Scalding Water on Disabled Patient Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges
06/19/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Demands Attorney General Sessions End Cruel, Illegal Immigration Tactic of Separating Children from Parents at U.S. Borders
06/18/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Partners with Federal Trade Commission & 11 State AGs on “Operation Main Street” to Alert Small Businesses to Potential Scams
06/18/2018 CASE UPDATE: Thieves Who Stole $145K in ATVs, Dirt Bikes in Northwest PA are Held for Trial
06/18/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces $100 Million 42-State Settlement with Citibank for Manipulating Interest Rate Benchmarks
06/15/2018 AG Shapiro: Montgomery County Insurance Agency Head Pleads Guilty to $97K Insurance Fraud, Ordered to Fully Pay Back His Victims
06/15/2018 CASE UPDATE: Jury Finds Clarion Woman Guilty of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Penn State Fraternity Brother Pleads Guilty to Hazing and Other Charges in Piazza Case
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Bloomsburg Professor Charged for Possessing Child Porn Pleads Guilty
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Mayor of Bloomsburg Pleads to Patronizing Prostitutes
06/07/2018 CASE UPDATE: Behavioral Health Worker Charged with $211K in Medicaid Fraud Involving Autistic Children Pleads Guilty
06/06/2018 CASE UPDATE: Election Fraud in 197th State House Race
06/04/2018 Former PennDOT Executive Charged with Felony for Accepting Bribes
06/04/2018 CASE UPDATE: Attorney General Shapiro Announces Nine More Drug Dealers Charged in “Dragon Heroin Pipeline”
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