Commonly Asked Questions

Below are commonly asked questions to the Office of Attorney General.  If you can not find out what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

The District Attorney oversees the county and should be who you contact in regard to an issue or an issue not being resolved.  Click here your find your county district attorney.

First you should contact the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Integrity and Professional Standards.

If you do not get satisfaction with the Pennsylvania State Police you can contact the Governor’s Office at 717-787-2500.

For Pennsylvania residents, you should contact your county sheriff’s office where you reside to apply for your concealed carry license.  Philadelphia residents should contact the Chief of Police.

Additional firearms information is available from the Pennsylvania State Police.

If it is a county facility you should contact that county’s district attorney’s office.
If it is a state facility you should contact the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health oversees hospitals and nursing homes.  You can place a complaint against a hospital by clicking here.  You can place a complaint against a nursing home here.

The fastest way to contact our Home Improvement Contractor section is to send them an email at

You can email our Bureau of Consumer Protection at

You should contact our Bureau of Consumer Protection at or phone at 1-800-441-2555.

You should contact the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry at 717-787-3756.

For state employees you should contact the Pennsylvania State Employee Retirement System or your human resource section.

If you are a non-state employee you should contact the United States Department of Labor Employee Benefits Security Administration.

You can contact the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Bureau of Child Support Enforcement at 717-783-9659.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General is bound by the Commonwealth Attorney’s Act and is not permitted to give legal advice, interpretation or representation.  The Pennsylvania Attorney General represents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and all state agencies. and does not provide private legal counsel. To find an attorney you should contact the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at 800-692-7375.

You should contact the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs at 800-822-2113.

For identity theft on a state level, you should contact the Office of Attorney General, Bureau of Consumer Protection at 800-441-2555 or by email at
To report identity theft on a federal level, you should contact Federal Trade Commission at 877-438-4338 or on their website.

You can report welfare fraud to the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General’s Fraud Tip line at 800-932-0582.

You can report social security fraud to the United States Office of Inspector General at 800-269-0271 or on their website.

Private Criminal Complaint forms are available through your county District Attorney’s office or your local Magistrate’s office.

You should contact that county’s District Attorney’s office.

You should contact your county election office.  You may also want to contact the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Commissions and Elections at 717-787-5280.

If you are inquiring about a foreign marriage, you should contact the United States Department of State
You may also want to contact the Pennsylvania Department of State
If you were married in another state and want to know if your marriage will be recognized in Pennsylvania, you can contact your county’s Register of Wills.