News: Taking Action Items

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02/07/2023 Acting Attorney General Henry Announces Charges Against Five Men for Sexual Abuse of Children Across Pennsylvania
02/06/2023 Acting AG Henry Urges EPA to Close Reporting Loopholes for PFAS Chemicals
02/03/2023 Acting AG Henry Announces Guilty Verdict in Bedford County Shaken Baby Case
02/03/2023 Acting Attorney General Henry Warns of Super Bowl LVII Scams
02/02/2023 Acting AG Henry Announces Guilty Verdict in Berks County Human Trafficking Case
02/01/2023 Case Update: South Carolina Man Sentenced to Life in Prison for Murder in State College Cold Case
02/01/2023 Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry Takes Action Against Environmental Crimes in Shavertown
01/24/2023 Case Update: Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry Announces Major Step Toward Victory for Consumers – Headstone Businesses Put to Rest
01/19/2023 Statement: Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry on Nomination from Governor Shapiro to serve as Attorney General
01/18/2023 Mifflintown Teacher’s Aide, Track Coach Pleads Guilty to Child Pornography Charges
01/06/2023 AG Shapiro Announces Arrests of 2 Men Involved in Multiple Robberies of Pennsylvania Skill Gaming Machines
01/05/2023 AG Shapiro Announces 7 Arrested in McKeesport Drug Trafficking Operation
12/20/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Charges Against Uniontown City Treasurer
12/19/2022 AG Shapiro Charges Three Individuals Relating to Sullivan County Newborn’s Death
12/19/2022 AG Shapiro Urges U.S. Department of Transportation to Strengthen Rules for Airline Consumer Protections
12/16/2022 AG Shapiro Secures Settlement With Herff Jones After Data Breach Exposed Pennsylvanians’ Private Info
12/16/2022 Free Water Evaluations Begin for Homeowners Affected by Construction Of Mariner East 2 Pipeline
12/14/2022 AG Shapiro Sues Real Estate Brokerage Firm MV Realty Over Misleading Homeowner Benefit Program
12/13/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Grand Jury Findings of Failures, Lack of Oversight at Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center
12/12/2022 AG Shapiro Announces $38 Million Settlement with JUUL for Targeting PA Youth, Deceiving Consumers About E-Cig Safety
12/12/2022 AG Josh Shapiro Secures Over $10 Billion in Opioid Crisis Relief Funds from CVS and Walgreens
12/09/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Sweeping Fraud Arrests in Car Title Washing Ring, Charges Against 30 Individuals and 21 Businesses
12/08/2022 AG Shapiro Urges Swift Action on Federal Proposal to Protect Workers
12/08/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Charges in Mt. Carmel High School Football Team Hazing Incident
12/01/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Settlement with CarMax Over Non-Disclosure of Open Safety Recalls
11/29/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Plea, Public Water Line Construction for Victims of Cabot Oil & Gas
11/22/2022 AG Josh Shapiro Calls on Solar Lending Companies to Suspend Repayment for Pink Energy Consumers with Non-Working Solar Systems
11/21/2022 AG Josh Shapiro Announces Grubhub to Provide New In-App Transparency Disclosures on its Prices
11/18/2022 AG Shapiro Announces Settlement with Bucks County Wedding Venue Operating Without Permit
11/18/2022 CASE UPDATE: Former Nurse Who Secretly Video Recorded Hundreds of Patients Pleads to Criminal Charges
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