Uniform Planned Community Act

The Uniform Planned Community Act (UPCA) went into effect on February 2, 1997 to create a uniform model for the operation and governance of planned communities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The UPCA applies to all planned communities in Pennsylvania that contain more than 12 units and creates obligations for homeowners associations in charge of these communities in order to ensure fairness for all housing unit owners. The ownership of a planned community is required place deposits into an escrow account, or to obtain a corporate surety bond or maintain an irrevocable letter of credit with a government insured financial institution prior to the collection of deposits on units within the community.

All planned communities which do not utilize the escrowing of deposits within this Commonwealth must register with the Office of Attorney General, and the bond or letter of credit must be deposited with the Office of Attorney General where it is held to ensure UPCA compliance. Required documentation with the Office of Attorney General includes a Registration Application and Certification of Compliance with Financial Security.