Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative

Thank you for your interest in the PA Office of Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to connect individuals suffering from addiction with treatment options. Drug overdose is now the number one accidental killer in the Commonwealth. It is our greatest public health challenge and our greatest public safety challenge—and it is Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s top priority as Pennsylvania’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer.

“Drug addiction is ravaging our communities and destroying lives,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro. “One of my top priorities as Attorney General is to help those suffering from addiction get the treatment they need. It is important to remember that addiction is a disease, not a crime, and it should be treated as such. I’m proud of the collaboration between the our office, law enforcement, and local officials to help combat the stigma surrounding addiction and save lives.”

By participating in the Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative program, every law enforcement entity has an opportunity to save lives and play a role in breaking the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction. The program empowers law enforcement officers to guide individuals who are suffering from addiction into treatment, rather than diverting them into the criminal system.

In addition to law enforcement, this program also empowers individuals and families to get involved in breaking the cycle of addiction. The first step towards recovery is helping an individual who is suffering from addiction into treatment. Those in need of a treatment referral for either themselves or family members should view the Regional and County Wide Drug and Alcohol Treatment Resource Guide. The guide allows individuals to search for the county in which they reside and call the number provided to speak with someone who can walk them through the process of seeking treatment.