Identity Theft

Working For A More Sequre Internet ExperienceEach year, more than 10 million Americans have their personal information — including name, social security number, bank account or credit card number — stolen. Often times, thieves use this information to open phony credit card, bank or utility accounts. Occasionally, the perpetrator will use the victim’s identity to secure benefits such as healthcare or government assistance.

As Pennsylvania’s top law enforcement officer, the Attorney General is dedicated to protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth from identity thieves through public outreach and by prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law, those who use another’s personal information to commit fraud.

Unfortunately, identity theft can have a far reaching and disastrous impact on victims – preventing them from purchasing a home or even getting a job – and those who fall prey often face an uphill battle to restore their good name. For these reasons, the Attorney General’s Office has created a comprehensive web-based Identity Theft Toolkit to help the people of the Commonwealth protect themselves from predators and begin the recovery process.Continue Reading

As with so many dangers now facing Pennsylvanians, education is the most effective means of preventing identity theft so please take a moment to browse through our Prevention Measures section – learn about the latest scams and see what you can do to keep your personal information safe.

For more helpful information on Preventative Measures:

For those of you who have already been targeted by identity thieves, bellow is information you need to do to minimize the damage. You will find links and contact information for law enforcement, the credit card issuers, and the three main credit reporting services, as well as worksheets and documents to help guide you down the road to recovery.

Corrective Actions: