News: Taking Action Items

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07/31/2017 Shutting Down the Dragon Heroin Pipeline
07/28/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Joins With 19 AGs to Defend Arbitration Rule and Protect Consumers’ Legal Rights
07/27/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Brings Drug Deactivation Pouch Initiative to Hospices in 17 Pennsylvania Counties
07/26/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Brings Drug Deactivation Pouches to 77 Northeast Pennsylvania Pharmacies
07/26/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Brings Drug Deactivation Pouches to 44 Lehigh County Pharmacies
07/24/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Charges Western PA Priest with Sexual Abuse
07/20/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Consumer Financial Protection Unit
07/19/2017 20 AGs Call on Secretary DeVos to Maintain Protections for Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault
07/18/2017 Columbia County man charged with distribution of child pornography
07/17/2017 Three business owners charged with charging and failing to submit state taxes totaling $133,000
07/13/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Again Calls on U.S. Department of Education to Uphold Student Protections
07/13/2017 28 Charged with Insurance Fraud Felonies
07/12/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro: 22 Guns Seized by Gun Violence Task Force and Philadelphia Police, other Law Enforcement Agencies
07/11/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Unveils Major Initiative to Supply 300,000 Drug Deactivation Pouches in 12 Counties Hit Hardest by Opioid Epidemic
07/06/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Sues Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over Student Loan Protections
07/05/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Fights to Stop Illegal Robocalls that Plague Consumers
07/02/2017 Fireworks Alert from Attorney General Josh Shapiro:
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