News: Taking Action Items

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04/29/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Statement on Title X Injunction Against Trump Administration
04/29/2019 AG Josh Shapiro Announces Seven Arrests after Grand Jury Investigation into Widespread Credit Card Fraud Scheme
04/29/2019 CASE UPDATE: Former Westmoreland County Bible Study Teacher Sentenced to 1-2 Years for Soliciting Sex from Minor
04/23/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Secures $1 Billion in Revenue for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2018
04/17/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Issues Statement Following PA House Votes Approving Grand Jury Reforms on Sexual Abuse
04/17/2019 Attorney General Shapiro Secures Restitution for Pennsylvania Consumers in Settlement with Deceptive Pest Control Company
04/16/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces 100 Tons of Prescription Drugs Destroyed through Drug Take Back Program
04/15/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Grand Jury Recommendations for the Pennsylvania Medicaid Program
04/12/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Arrest of Retired Berwick Elementary School Teacher for Child Pornography
04/11/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Takes Legal Action against 35 Home Improvement Contractors
04/09/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Restitution for Faulkner Honda Dealership Consumers who were Sold Valueless Warranties
04/09/2019 CASE UPDATE: Former Lackawanna County Medical Technician Sentenced to 3-6 Years in Prison for Forging Prescriptions
04/08/2019 Statement by AG Shapiro on Appeal to Pennsylvania Supreme Court Seeking Review of UPMC/Highmark Consent Decrees
04/05/2019 Attorney General Shapiro Charges 25 Individuals in Western PA Insurance Fraud Sweep
04/04/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Lawsuit Against Monroe County Food Truck Supplier
04/04/2019 Philadelphia County Woman Charged for Orchestrating Identity and Retail Theft Scheme Targeting Stores throughout Southeast PA
04/03/2019 CASE UPDATE: Former York County Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography
04/03/2019 CASE UPDATE: Eighth Lackawanna County Prison Employee Charged with Sexual Assault
04/02/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Arrest of Allegheny County Bus Driver on Felony Child Predator Charges
04/02/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro, District Attorney David Smith Announce Illegal Gun Possession Arrests in Huntingdon County
04/02/2019 AG Josh Shapiro Announces Settlement with State College Property Manager over Security Deposit Practices
04/02/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Thanks Philadelphia Students and Partners for Successful Career Week
04/01/2019 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Recognizes Child Abuse Prevention Month and Encourages Reporting
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