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Taking Action Topic: Rights

Date Title
01/11/2019 Attorney General Shapiro Leads Coalition of Ten AGs in Opposition to Proposed Rule Weakening Employee Protections
01/08/2019 21 AGs File Legal Action Supporting Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s Lawsuit Protecting Contraceptive Rights of Women
12/15/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Issues Guidance on Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act
12/14/2018 Statement from Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Texas Judge’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act
12/14/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Files Amended Lawsuit, Continues Fight to Protect Contraceptive Rights of Women
11/26/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Files Amicus Brief to Block Whitaker Appointment
11/16/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on New Trump Administration Department of Education Proposal on Title IX and Campus Sexual Assault
10/26/2018 PROTECTING CLEAN AIR: Attorney General Shapiro Demands Trump Administration’s EPA Withdraw Plan to Roll Back Rules on Clean Cars
10/22/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Puts Spotlight on Redlining
09/25/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Leads Amicus Brief to Maintain Women’s Health Coverage
09/14/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Calls On Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to Scrap Plan to Eliminate Key Protections for Students from Predatory For-Profit Schools
08/27/2018 UPDATE: Attorney General Shapiro and State AGs Win Nationwide Preliminary Injunction Blocking Distribution of Downloadable 3D Gun Files
08/21/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Demands HUD Maintain Strong Fair Housing Rule to Protect Against Discrimination
08/06/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Clarifies the Rights and Responsibilities of Public Sector Employees and Employers Following the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision
08/02/2018 Statement From Attorney General Josh Shapiro, National Coalition Announcing Intent To Sue Over EPA Rollback Of Clean Car Rule
07/31/2018 BREAKING: Attorney General Shapiro, Eight Other AGs Win Nationwide Restraining Order Blocking Federal Government from Allowing Distribution of Downloadable 3D Guns
07/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro, Governor Wolf, State Police Successfully Block Access to 3D Downloadable Guns in Pennsylvania
07/26/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Files Lawsuit to Block Trump Administration’s Attempt to Undermine Affordable Care Act
07/23/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Takes Legal Action to Protect Dreamers and Preserve DACA
07/20/2018 CASE UPDATE: Judge Issues Order Siding with State AGs in Lawsuit Challenging Family Separation Policy
07/19/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Sues EPA over Former Administrator Pruitt’s Final Emissions Order
07/16/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Demands Clarification from U.S. Attorney General Sessions and HHS Secretary Azar on Enforcement of Affordable Care Act
07/09/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Investigates Impact of No-Poach Agreements on Workers at Fast-Food Franchises
07/03/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Federal Judge’s Ruling in Census Question Case
06/26/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Files Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s Unlawful Family Separation Policy
06/21/2018 Attorney General Shapiro to File Lawsuit Challenging Trump Administration’s Family Separation Policy
06/19/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Demands Attorney General Sessions End Cruel, Illegal Immigration Tactic of Separating Children from Parents at U.S. Borders
05/31/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Sues EPA Over Failure to Enforce a Critical Rule on Methane in Landfills
05/30/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Joins Ninth Circuit Amicus Brief Opposing Trump Administration’s Rollback of Contraceptive Coverage Mandate
05/21/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Sexual Abuse Investigation Within Catholic Church
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