Statement from Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Texas Judge’s Decision on the Affordable Care Act

December 14, 2018 | Topic: Rights
“Tonight, in an unprecedented act of judicial activism, a federal judge in Texas wrongly struck down the entire Affordable Care Act,”
“Pennsylvanians should be assured that I will continue to enforce the ACA’s vital protections for individuals with preexisting conditions. Because Pennsylvania chose not to be a party to this lawsuit, we are not bound by this decision, and I will not let one misguided judge in Texas prevent us from protecting the residents of the Commonwealth,” said Attorney General Josh Shapiro.
“Since I was sworn in as Attorney General nearly two years ago, I have fought to protect Pennsylvanians against any attempt to rollback their health coverage. I will continue to fight any effort to deny our residents the protections guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act – whether that attack comes from the Trump Administration, insurance companies, or a federal jurist.”

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