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Taking Action Topic: Rights

Date Title
04/25/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Praises Senate for Passing Criminal Justice System Reforms
04/11/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Opposes Labor Department Program that Takes Away Workers’ Rights
04/05/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Sues EPA for Ignoring Responsibility under Clean Air Act to Control Methane Pollution
03/27/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Opposes Trump Administration’s Attempt to Give Entities a License Discrimination in Health Care
03/26/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Leads Bipartisan Coalition of State AGs in Demanding Answers from Facebook
03/19/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Takes Action to Preserve Pennsylvania Authority to Protect Consumers Against Data Breaches
03/15/2018 Attorney General Shapiro and Bipartisan Coalition of 30 AGs Urge Congress to Maintain State Oversight of Student Loan Industry
02/26/2018 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Supreme Court Case Involving Workers’ Organizing Rights
01/16/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Files Lawsuit to Stop Illegal Rollback of Net Neutrality
12/19/2017 Attorney General Shapiro to U.S. Transportation Secretary: Don’t Withdraw Rule Requiring Airlines to Disclose Baggage Fees Upfront
12/15/2017 Statement of Attorney General Shapiro on Federal Judge’s Ruling Granting Preliminary Nationwide Injunction in Contraceptive Care Lawsuit against President Trump and the Trump Administration
12/14/2017 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on FCC Vote to Rollback Net Neutrality
12/13/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Asks FCC to Delay Vote to Rollback Net Neutrality
11/30/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Issues Demand on Uber for Information on Data Hack Impacting 57 Million Worldwide
10/13/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Lawsuit against President Trump’s Decision to Stop Cost-Sharing Payments under Affordable Care Act
10/11/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Sues President Trump and Trump Administration for Eliminating Guaranteed Contraceptive Care
09/26/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Demands U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Stop Rolling Back Critical Protections for Student Borrowers
09/11/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Takes Legal Action to Protect Fuel Efficiency Standards
09/06/2017 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Lawsuit filed against Trump Administration over Ending of DACA Program
09/05/2017 Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on President Trump’s Decision to End DACA Program
08/17/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Asks Congress to Amend Sex Trafficking Law
08/08/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Takes Action to Protect Seniors’ Rights in Nursing Home Contracts
08/01/2017 Pennsylvania Takes Legal Action against Trump Administration to Protect Pennsylvanians’ Health from Ozone and Smog
07/28/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Joins With 19 AGs to Defend Arbitration Rule and Protect Consumers’ Legal Rights
07/19/2017 20 AGs Call on Secretary DeVos to Maintain Protections for Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault
07/13/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Again Calls on U.S. Department of Education to Uphold Student Protections
06/30/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Speaks at Aspen Institute Ideas Festival on Federalism and States’ Rights
06/21/2017 Attorney General Shapiro, 13 AGs File Intervention in Lawsuit against EPA to Secure Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Other Air Pollutants
06/14/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro and 10 Attorneys General Sue U.S. Energy Department over Stalled Energy-Efficiency Rules
06/05/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro joins with 19 Attorneys General in Coalition with Governors, Mayors, Business and Community Leaders Vowing to Support Principles of the Paris Climate Agreement
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