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03/23/2021 Case Update: Former Chester County Sheriff Pleads To Charges of Theft
03/22/2021 AG Shapiro Calls On U.S. Attorney General To Close Ghost Gun Loophole
03/19/2021 AG Shapiro: 8 Arrested, Guns Seized In Drug Trafficking Operation
03/19/2021 AG Shapiro: Central Pennsylvania Contractor Pleads Guilty To Stealing from Workers
03/15/2021 AG Shapiro, PA Largest Gun Show Promoter Reach Agreement to Ban Sale of Ghost Gun Kits
03/11/2021 AG Shapiro: 850 Grams of Meth Seized During Jefferson County Arrests
03/07/2021 10 Ghost Guns, Gun Kits and Partially Assembled Firearms Seized In Two Philadelphia Cases Following Morgantown Gun Show Surveillances
03/04/2021 AG Shapiro Charges Chester Funeral Home Director With Stealing $250k From Client’s Estate
03/03/2021 AG Shapiro: Former North Braddock Police Officer Pleads Guilty To Theft
02/26/2021 AG Shapiro: Two Arrested In Philadelphia Gun Trafficking Investigation
02/25/2021 AG Shapiro, U.S. Attorney Brady Announce First Indictment in Brighton Nursing Home Investigation
02/23/2021 AG Shapiro Charges Lancaster Youth Pastor With Distributing Child Pornography
02/22/2021 AG Shapiro: 4 Arrested, 19 Guns Seized Following Pittsburgh Gun Show Surveillance
02/19/2021 AG Shapiro: Lancaster County Man Charged With Sexual Assault
02/17/2021 AG Shapiro Charges West Philadelphia Doctor With Death of Patient
02/08/2021 AG Shapiro: State College Cold Case Solved
02/03/2021 AG Shapiro, 45th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury Charge Bradford D.A. With Sexual Misconduct
01/29/2021 AG Shapiro: Drug Trafficking Ringleader Arrested in Pittsburgh
01/27/2021 Police Cadet, Former High School Football Coach Charged With Selling Cocaine
01/27/2021 AG Shapiro: 3 Arrested For Gun Trafficking Ring In Lackawanna County
01/26/2021 AG Shapiro: 3 More Arrests in Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Scheme
01/14/2021 AG Shapiro Announces Seizure of 9 Illegally Obtained Firearms, Nearly 2,000 Packets of Crystal Meth in Drug Raid
01/11/2021 Attorney General Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer announced criminal charges in an Unlawful Labor Investigation
12/29/2020 AG Shapiro Announces Winners of 2021 Drug-Free Calendar Contest
12/23/2020 Philadelphia Man To Be Charged With Theft of Campaign Finances
12/14/2020 AG Shapiro: 3 Arrested, $850k Reimbursed in Company Fraud Scheme
12/09/2020 CASE UPDATE: Lancaster Woman Sentenced to State Prison for Toddler’s Murder
12/04/2020 Lycoming County Couple Arrested For Sustained Child Abuse of Eight Children
12/01/2020 Statement by Attorney General Josh Shapiro on U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Reinstating Conviction of Graham Spanier
11/20/2020 AG Shapiro: Philadelphia Man To Be Charged With Embezzlement
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