Success Stories

Henry Wimbush, Founder, Recovery Institute, Inc.

Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA I experimented with drugs and alcohol at the age of 12. I was a full fledged heroin addict by the time I graduated from high school. I was incarcerated several times as I struggled with addictions. After the death of my mother Clara to cancer, I went into a severe state of depression relapsing into addiction after eight years of sobriety. This lead to my incarceration of  [a sentence of 25 to 50 years times two], which Praise to God was shortened to 18 years.

I surrendered to God during this time of incarceration, and am now able to live out my faith and practice the principles of recovery. During my incarceration I was educated in Recovery, was given the opportunity to become a Peer Support Specialist, and receive my degree. My determination didn’t stop when I was released. I truly understand that “recovery is more than a word … it’s a lifestyle.” Since my release I have been trained in Forensics, and received Certification as a Recovery Specialist. I now facilitate Wellness Recovery Action Plan Groups [WRAP]. My main passion is to see others free from the bondage of addictions, and the opiate crisis compelled me to establish Recovery Institute, Inc.

Sam Barlow, The Other Side of The World

Read more about PARC member, Sam Barlow, and his experiences as a child and young adult in addition to his experience reentering society.

Lisa Kessler, Author, Why I Tried To Die

Lisa Kessler wrote of her journey and perseverance against the odds. You can read about her book Why I Tried to Die, by following the link.