Reentry Council

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Pennsylvania Reentry Council (PRC) is to make communities safer by reducing recidivism and victimization through the successful reintegration of returning citizens.

PRC Purpose:

1. To expand education of the public, members of law enforcement and criminal justice, and policymakers on why supporting prisoner reentry efforts is essential to reducing crime and violence;
2. To provide a forum for the sharing of best practices, including reviewing successful, existing evidence-based programs and initiatives; and
3. To Identify barriers to successful reentry for persons with criminal records including:

a. Providing or enhancing access to housing;
b. Removing barriers to employment;
c. Providing enhanced access to effective treatment for healthcare, addiction, mental health, and trauma;
d. Facilitating access to driver’s licenses, social security cards, and other identification documents essential to obtaining employment, housing, and other government assistance;
e. Expanding access to education and training; and
f. Collaborate with Reentry Courts, Veterans Courts, and Drug Courts on best practices.

2020 PARC Report