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Aigner Picou MING Media
AliceAnne Frost The Program, It’s About Change
Allison Weber :ancaster Co, RMO, SACA/TecCentro
Amy Eisert Mercyhurst Univerist/ Unified Erie
Aviva Tevah Phila. Reentry Coalition/City of Phila.
Barry Nazar CRESC
Brian Snyder Carbpn County Mental Health
Bruce McClure Chester County Adult Probation
Callie McKeon Governor’s Office
Camille Smith Mon. Valley Initiative
Catherine Kilgore District Attorney’s Office Dauphin Co.
Charla Plaines PCCD
Chris Pawlowski Chester County Adult Probation
Christian Stephens PBPP
Christine Guistwite BCPS
Cyndi Zuidema U.S. Attorney’s Office EDPA
Dale Adair Department of Human Services
Daniel Hoover Franklin County Probation/Parole
Darly Bloom U.S. Attorney’s Office MDPA
Derin Myers PCCD
Dorothy Johnson-Speight MIC
El Sawyer MING
Elizabeth Powell U.S. Attorney’s Office EDPA
Gene Lauri Centre County
Harry King CRAM (Dauphin County)
Janeen Christ Department of Corrections
Jennifer Rapach Department of Labor and Industry
Jennifer Storm Office of Victim Advocate
Jon Kaufman MING Media
Joyce Doughtery Pinebrook Family Answers (Lehigh County reentry)
Karen Laird Office of Victim Advocate
Kerry Kerschner BCPS
Kerry Richmond Lycoming County
Kim Eaton Franklin County Reentry Coalition
Kimberly McGriff PBPP
Kirsten Kenyon PCCD
Lacosta Mussoline Department of Corrections
Laura Savenelli Northampton County
Leo Dunn PBPP
Linda Rosenberg PBPP
Lisa Burhannan Mother’s in Charge
Lisa Dennis Chester City
Luis Rosa PBPP
Marcus Brown Director of Public Safety
Megan Bair Lycoming County Reentry Coalition– Pa Career Link
Melanie G. Snyder Lancaster County, RMO
Meredith Zurin Probation Services
Michael Pipe Centre County
Nelson Cuevas Lebanon County, MATP
Peggy Kershner Berks Connections/Pretrial Services
Richard Parsons Carbon County
Richard Podguski PBPP
Robert Merwine PCCD
Robert Reed EDAG, OAG
Shakur Abdul Ali Reentry- Veterans Resource, Chester Co.
Shelia Silman Erie County Reentry
Shellie Sterner Lebanaon Count Reentry Coalition
Shirley Moore Smeal Department of Corrections
Tamara L. Collier U.S. Attorney’s Office WDPA
Tom Plaitano Westmoreland County CJAB
Toni Ebright Mother’s in Charge
Tracey Reaves Mon. Valley Initiative
Tricia Baffa Carbon, Monroe, Pike Mental Health
Valerie Todd Mother’s in Charge
Victor Wills PBPP