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Deputy Attorney General II/III – Tax Litigation Unit - Civil Law Division: Harrisburg (00114064)

An employee in this class provides varied legal services and advice on state and local tax matters of moderate or significant scope and complexity.  Work involves appellate litigation – representing the Commonwealth in state and local tax appeals filed in Commonwealth Court. The duties of this position involve all aspects of handling tax appeals including evaluating each appeal, determining the proper course of action, and working to a final resolution of each matter.  The successful candidate must possess excellent oral communication and writing skills and strong organizational skills to effectively manage a heavy caseload.  As a Deputy Attorney General II (DAG II) gains experience, work is performed with more independence.  A Deputy Attorney General III (DAG III) will work independently on most matters.
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Deputy Attorney General II/III – Torts Litigation Section - Civil Law Division: Pittsburgh (00029939)

The Torts Litigation Section is responsible for defending Commonwealth agencies and their employees in personal injury and property damage actions in state courts around the Commonwealth.  Most of these cases involve claims against PennDOT for death or serious bodily injury resulting from the allegedly defective design, construction, or maintenance of state highways.  The employee will report to the Senior Deputy Attorney General in Charge of Torts Litigation in his or her regional office.  The successful candidate will be responsible for handling all aspects of litigation defense for the cases assigned and will work closely with attorneys and professionals within the Office of Attorney General and the defendant state agencies.  Applicants should possess strong academic credentials, excellent written and oral communication skills, an interest in current legal and policy issues, and the organizational skills necessary to manage multiple cases simultaneously.  Work entails the performance of moderate to advanced legal activities of a difficult nature, including putting on cases for trial.  As a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) II gains experience, work is performed with more independence.  A DAG III will work independently on most matters.  Candidates for the DAG III title position must have prior trial experience.
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