Attorney Opportunities

Deputy Attorney General I/II – Bureau of Consumer Protection - Public Protection Division: Philadelphia (50580851)

An employee in this position provides varied legal services and advice on matters relative to the enforcement of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, as well as other applicable state and federal consumer protection related laws and regulations.  The work of a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) I initially entails work of a simple or routine nature.  As experience is gained, more difficult tasks are assigned.  Work products are reviewed in progress and upon completion by a higher level attorney.  As a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) II gains experience, work is performed with more independence with a periodic review by a more senior attorney.  DAG IIs provide varied legal services and advice on matters of moderate scope and complexity including noncomplex litigation with a minimum of supervision, appear in lower courts without a senior attorney, and assist more senior attorneys on matters deemed to be more complex and difficult.
Applications accepted until Apr 25, 2021.