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Attorney Opportunities

Deputy Attorney General III – Litigation Section - Civil Law Division: Pittsburgh (00215634)

An employee in this position provides varied legal services and advice on matters of moderate to advanced scope and complexity.  Work is typically civil defense litigation and involves representing the Commonwealth, the Office of Attorney General, the Governor, and various other Commonwealth agencies, officials, and employees in legal actions brought against them. The duties of this position involve the entire spectrum of civil litigation from service of legal process through post-trial motions and consultation on any appeals.  Employees will work independently but also assist more senior attorneys on matters deemed to be more complex and difficult.
Applications accepted until Jan 19, 2021.

Deputy Attorney General II/III – Appeals & Legal Services Section - Criminal Law Division: Harrisburg (00033881)

This Deputy Attorney General position is an appellate position in the Office of Attorney General’s Criminal Law Division.  The Appeals and Legal Services Section represents the Commonwealth in direct appeals from criminal convictions, proceedings under the Post Conviction Relief Act, and federal habeas corpus litigation.  The Section also provides legal advice on criminal matters to the Attorney General, Executive staff, and the prosecutors and agents of the Criminal Law Division.  Many cases the Section handles come as referrals from a District Attorney’s office due to a lack of resources, or an actual or apparent conflict of interest on the part of the district attorney or their office.
Applications accepted until Jan 21, 2021.