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07/13/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Supports New PA Law Giving His Office Power to Prosecute Abuse of Elderly, Others
07/12/2018 Attorney General Shapiro and PA State Police Shut Down Illegal Video Poker Gambling Operation in Southwest PA
07/11/2018 Clearfield Women Sentenced for Their Roles in Family Cocaine Ring
07/09/2018 CASE UPDATE: Nurse Charged in Death of Herbert R. McMaster, Sr. is Held for Trial following Preliminary Hearing
07/09/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces Charges against Two Northeast Philadelphia Men for Straw Purchases of 11 Semi-Automatic Guns
07/02/2018 Former Fire Company President Arrested on Child Predator Charges
06/29/2018 CASE UPDATE: Clarion Woman Sentenced to 9-18 Years in Prison for Drug Delivery Resulting in Death
06/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Charges Eight Northeast PA Dealers with Selling $1.3 Million in Heroin, Drugs and Illegal Guns
06/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces 15 Arrests in Statewide Medicaid Fraud Sweep
06/29/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Will Take Action to Make Grand Jury Report Public
06/22/2018 CASE UPDATE: “Operation Car Wash” Crime Ring Leader Sentenced to Five to 10 Years in Prison
06/20/2018 Dauphin County Payroll Firm Owner Sentenced to Jail for Stealing Nearly $6 Million from Small Businesses
06/19/2018 CASE UPDATE: Erie Aide who Poured Scalding Water on Disabled Patient Pleads Guilty to Felony Charges
06/18/2018 CASE UPDATE: Thieves Who Stole $145K in ATVs, Dirt Bikes in Northwest PA are Held for Trial
06/15/2018 AG Shapiro: Montgomery County Insurance Agency Head Pleads Guilty to $97K Insurance Fraud, Ordered to Fully Pay Back His Victims
06/15/2018 CASE UPDATE: Jury Finds Clarion Woman Guilty of Drug Delivery Resulting in Death
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Penn State Fraternity Brother Pleads Guilty to Hazing and Other Charges in Piazza Case
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Bloomsburg Professor Charged for Possessing Child Porn Pleads Guilty
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Mayor of Bloomsburg Pleads to Patronizing Prostitutes
06/07/2018 CASE UPDATE: Behavioral Health Worker Charged with $211K in Medicaid Fraud Involving Autistic Children Pleads Guilty
06/06/2018 CASE UPDATE: Election Fraud in 197th State House Race
06/04/2018 Former PennDOT Executive Charged with Felony for Accepting Bribes
06/04/2018 CASE UPDATE: Attorney General Shapiro Announces Nine More Drug Dealers Charged in “Dragon Heroin Pipeline”
05/31/2018 CASE UPDATE: Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys Waives Preliminary Hearing and is Held for Trial
05/30/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Bedford District Attorney William Higgins Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
05/25/2018 Cambria County Plastic Surgeon Pleads Guilty to $288K in Medicaid and Insurance Fraud
05/24/2018 CASE UPDATE: Human Traffickers Who Lured Victim into Forced Prostitution Now Face Federal Charges
05/23/2018 Shutting Down a Fraudulent Prescription Pill Mill
05/22/2018 CASE UPDATE: Two Lawrence County Teens Charged with Double Homicide are Held for Trial
05/17/2018 CASE UPDATE: Mayor of Bloomsburg Resigns, Waives Preliminary Hearing for Soliciting Prostitutes
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