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06/07/2023 Attorney General Henry Leads 28 States in Urging FCC to Clarify Rules Concerning Consent for Telemarketing Robocalls
06/06/2023 Three Settlements with Telemarketers Who Allegedly Ignored PA “Do-Not-Call” Lists Total Nearly $100K
06/06/2023 Settlement Reached with Telemarketing Groups That Allegedly Trafficked Unwanted Calls
06/05/2023 Case Update: AG Henry Reaches Settlement with Pest Control Company Soliciting Services Door-to-Door
06/02/2023 AG Henry Files Complaint against DuPont and Affiliates for Manufacture of “Forever Chemicals”; Seeks Payment for Cleanup Costs
06/01/2023 AG Henry, Office of Consumer Advocate Urge Pennsylvanians to Explore Energy Options amidst Increases, Be Aware of Door-to-Door Solicitation
05/26/2023 Settlement Reached with Humane Society of Harrisburg Area Regarding Substandard Record-Keeping and Reporting Practices
05/24/2023 AG Henry Takes Action Against ‘Bankrupt’ Travel Agent on Behalf of Consumers Who Lost $171,000
05/23/2023 Attorney General Henry Sues Avid Telecom Over Billions of Illegal Robocalls
05/19/2023 AG Reaches Settlement With N.Y.-Based Company for Their Alleged Role in the Illegal Distribution of Millions of Telemarketing Calls to Pennsylvanians
05/17/2023 Vehicle Loan Consumers Will Get Back $705,000 from Predatory Title Loan Company via AG Settlement
05/15/2023 AG Henry Secures $11 Million Settlement with Predatory Rent-to-Own Lender that Targeted Low-Income Borrowers
05/04/2023 Attorney General Henry Announces $141 Million Settlement for Millions of Americans Deceived by TurboTax Owner Intuit
05/02/2023 AG Henry & FTC Work Together to Permanently Ban Debt Collectors That Targeted Businesses, Non-Profits, First Responders
04/17/2023 Settlement Holds Telehealth Company Accountable for Ignoring FDA Requirements, Misleading Patients
04/12/2023 AG Michelle Henry Holds Marriott Hotels Accountable for the Failure to Adhere to Settlement Agreement to Inform Consumers of “Hidden” Resort Fees
04/06/2023 AG Henry Protects Pennsylvanians with Lawsuit Against “Inadequate” Philly-Based Home Improvement Contractor
03/30/2023 AG Henry Seeks Shutdown of Non-Compliant Exterminator for Breaking Agreement by Soliciting Services Door-to-Door
03/28/2023 Attorney General Combats Ticket Scalping with Settlement Forcing Online Re-Seller to Refund Consumers for Canceled Events
03/16/2023 Consumer Alert: Kia and Hyundai Cars at Risk of Being Stolen Due to TikTok Trend
03/14/2023 Dallas High School Teens Take Pennsylvania State LifeSmarts Title
03/06/2023 Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Celebrates National Consumer Protection Week
02/28/2023 Acting Attorney General Henry Warns of Secret Shopper Scam
02/16/2023 Acting Attorney General Henry Obtains Settlement with Eagle Disposal for Thousands of Missed Trash and Recycling Collections
02/16/2023 Acting AG Henry Secures $400,000 Settlement with DNA Diagnostics Center After Data Breach Exposed Pennsylvanians’ Personal Info
02/03/2023 Acting Attorney General Henry Warns of Super Bowl LVII Scams
01/24/2023 Case Update: Acting Attorney General Michelle Henry Announces Major Step Toward Victory for Consumers – Headstone Businesses Put to Rest
12/19/2022 AG Shapiro Urges U.S. Department of Transportation to Strengthen Rules for Airline Consumer Protections
12/16/2022 AG Shapiro Secures Settlement With Herff Jones After Data Breach Exposed Pennsylvanians’ Private Info
12/14/2022 AG Shapiro Sues Real Estate Brokerage Firm MV Realty Over Misleading Homeowner Benefit Program
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