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12/07/2023 AG Henry Files Suit Against Poconos-Area Resort Which Downgraded Accommodations, Charged Excessive Fees for Timeshare Owners
12/07/2023 Attorney General Henry: How to Protect Yourself from ‘Card Draining’ — a Common Holiday Scam in Pennsylvania and Nationwide
12/05/2023 AG Henry: Be Aware of These Holiday Scams, Take Steps to Protect Your Property and Personal Information
11/30/2023 AG Henry Reaches Settlements to Assure Effective Communications for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Communities
11/24/2023 AG Henry Encourages Pennsylvanians to Seek Information from Providers to Make Informed Pregnancy-Related Health Care Choices
11/20/2023 AG Henry Obtains Settlement with Central Pennsylvania-Based Property Manager That Unlawfully Prohibited Tenants from Posting Negative Reviews
11/16/2023 AG Henry Files Suit to Shut Down Delaware County Car Dealer for Not Disclosing Issues with Vehicles, Failing to Provide Titles
11/14/2023 AG Henry Files Lawsuit Against Butler County Landlord Accused of Overcharging Consumers for Security Deposit, Repairs and Unfair Debt Collection Practices
11/13/2023 Settlement with Omni Hotels Management Corporation is AG Henry’s Latest Action to Quash Hidden “Resort Fees” and “Drip Pricing” for Travelers
10/25/2023 AG Henry Joins Push for Supreme Court Review of Antitrust Law Exemption that Permitted Major League Baseball to Trim Minor League Teams
10/24/2023 AG Henry Joins Lawsuit Against Meta for Endangering Kids’ Mental Health with Addictive, Harmful Content
10/17/2023 AG Henry Leads $10 Million Settlement with ACI Worldwide for More than a Million Unauthorized Withdrawals of Mortgage Payments
10/13/2023 Consumer Alert: How Pennsylvanians Can Safely Make Donations to Assist Those Impacted by the Crisis in Israel and Palestine
10/11/2023 AG Henry Announces $1 Million Settlement with Rutter’s After Data Breach Exposed Pennsylvanians’ Private Info
10/05/2023 AG Henry Files Lawsuit to Shut Down Used Car Dealer Scamming Consumers on Facebook
10/05/2023 AG Henry Announces $49.5 Million Multistate Settlement with Blackbaud for Data Breach that Impacted Millions of U.S. Consumers
10/03/2023 Attorney General Henry Supports FTC Rule that Would Halt Fake, Falsified Consumer Reviews
10/02/2023 AG Henry Urges Biden Administration to Strengthen Safeguards for Borrowers as Student Loan Payments Resume
09/26/2023 AG Henry Joins FTC Lawsuit against Amazon to Lessen Monopoly Power, Protect Pennsylvania Buyers and Sellers
09/21/2023 Settlement with Choice Hotels is AG Henry’s Latest Action to Quash Hidden “Resort Fees” and “Drip Pricing” for Travelers
09/18/2023 Settlement Reached with State College Landlord Relating to Security Deposit Issues
09/13/2023 Western Pa. Father-Son Landlords Leased Defective Homes on Unlawful Terms; Restraining Order Issued to Prevent Retaliatory Behavior Toward Tenants
09/12/2023 AG Henry Reaches Settlement with Influencer Dana Chanel for Misleading Consumers
09/11/2023 AG Henry Joins Multistate Initiative to Shut Down Deceptive Household-Item Leasing Company, Providing Relief for Consumers
09/05/2023 As Student Loan Borrowers Resume Payments, AG Henry Warns of Debt Relief Scams and Encourages Students to Enroll in SAVE Plan
09/01/2023 Mortgage Assistance Programs Set to Begin Following Attorney General’s Redlining Settlement with Trident Mortgage Company
08/30/2023 AG Henry Secures Commitment from Global Amusement Company to Provide Equal Access to People with Disabilities in Pennsylvania
08/09/2023 Monroe County Dealership Sold Unreliable Cars that Failed Inspections — Consumers Had Engine, Transmission Issues
08/04/2023 Court Finds Pittsburgh-Based Contractor Gillece Services Did Not Let Consumers Cancel Contracts and Misled Consumers in Advertising
08/02/2023 OAG Settlement: Black Woman Had Lease Revoked, Was Subjected to Harassment, Due to Race
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