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Taking Action Topic: Consumers

Date Title
04/02/2020 AG Shapiro Issues Alert: Watch Out For Unemployment Scams
04/01/2020 AG Shapiro: Dollar Bank Joins ‘PA CARE Package’ Initiative, Offering Expanded Consumer Relief
03/31/2020 AG Shapiro: First Commonwealth Bank Joins ‘PA CARE Package’ Initiative, Offering Expanded Consumer Relief
03/31/2020 AG Shapiro to Landlords: Pennsylvanians Cannot Be Evicted During State Emergency
03/30/2020 Attorney General Shapiro Launches ‘PA CARE Package’ Consumer Relief Initiative During COVID Pandemic
03/27/2020 Shapiro Issues Consumer Alert: Watch Out for COVID19, Federal Stimulus Check Scams
03/26/2020 AG Shapiro To Betsy DeVos: Relief Needed Now for Student Loans Amidst Crisis, Skyrocketing Unemployment
03/25/2020 AG Shapiro: Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Walmart, Craigslist Must Stop Site Price Gouging by Online Sellers
03/24/2020 AG Shapiro, Coalition Urge President Trump to Immediately Prioritize Production of Protective Gear, Testing Supplies
03/19/2020 U.S. Attorney Scott Brady and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announce Formation of Joint Western Pennsylvania COVID-19 Task Force
03/17/2020 UPDATE: AG Price Gouging Complaints Surpasses 1,000 Tips
03/11/2020 Attorney General Shapiro Announces T-Mobile, Sprint Merger Settlement
03/06/2020 AG Shapiro Creates Consumer Tool to Combat Coronavirus Price Gouging
03/05/2020 It’s All in the Family; AG Shapiro Nabs 2nd Scam Company in Seruya Family
03/04/2020 AG Shapiro: Three Delaware County Residents Charged in $320k Medicaid Fraud Scheme
03/03/2020 AG Shapiro Stops Fake Online Car Sellers, Announces Webinar Series
02/26/2020 AG Shapiro Leads Suit to Stop Trump Administration from Stripping Workers of Key Labor Protections
02/17/2020 AG Shapiro: George Smith Towing Violates Agreement, Exploits More Consumers
02/13/2020 AG Shapiro Suing Delta Auto Protect to Get Money Back for Consumers in Repair Scam
02/10/2020 AG Shapiro Sues JUUL for Targeting PA Youth, Deceiving Consumers About Safety of E-Cigarettes
01/27/2020 AG Shapiro Sues Bucks County Wedding Venue For Scamming Newlyweds
01/23/2020 AG Shapiro Fighting to Help Victims of Ponzi Schemes, Fake Investment Opportunities, Get Money Back
01/22/2020 AG Shapiro Once Again Goes to Bat for Property Owners in Pipeline Disputes
01/06/2020 Following AG Shapiro’s Push, UGI Improves Utility Service for Hispanic and Latino Communities
12/24/2019 AG Shapiro Files Action to Stop ‘Bad Actor’ Cumberland County Motor Vehicle Dealer, Salesman
12/19/2019 Attorney General Shapiro Sues to Stop Limousine Rental Businesses from Cheating Consumers
12/13/2019 AG Shapiro Announces Settlement with Orbitz and Expedia in Data Breach Affecting Pennsylvania Consumers
12/12/2019 Attorney General Shapiro Announces Settlement with Temple University Over MBA Ranking Misrepresentation
12/10/2019 AG Shapiro Urges FTC to Strengthen Online Protections for Children
12/03/2019 AG Shapiro Urges Federal Trade Commission to Take Action against Deceptive Marketing Practices
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