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The Attorney General’s Press Office works to communicate the latest information about the work being done by our agents, investigators and prosecutors.

From arresting child predators and shutting down drug traffickers to helping consumers and keeping seniors safe from fraud, the Attorney General’s Press Office tells the story, using the web, television, radio, newspapers and other media to reach citizens across Pennsylvania.

Date Title
05/30/2023 Bedford County Woman Sentenced to Prison Term for Helping Burn Body, Tampering with Evidence
05/26/2023 Lackawanna County Man Found Guilty of Rape of Unconscious College Student
05/26/2023 Settlement Reached with Humane Society of Harrisburg Area Regarding Substandard Record-Keeping and Reporting Practices
05/25/2023 Western PA Drug Dealer Caught in Million Dollar Fentanyl Ring Jailed up to 24 Years
05/25/2023 Minersville Man Jailed Up to 20 years for Role in 2015 Murder in Schuylkill County
05/25/2023 Western Pa. Nurse Charged with Killing 2 Patients, Harming Another with Intentional Doses of Insulin
05/24/2023 Berks County Man Jailed Up to 69 Years for Orchestrating Human Trafficking
05/24/2023 AG Henry Takes Action Against ‘Bankrupt’ Travel Agent on Behalf of Consumers Who Lost $171,000
05/23/2023 Attorney General Henry Reacts to U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory, “Social Media and Youth Mental Health”
05/23/2023 Attorney General Henry Sues Avid Telecom Over Billions of Illegal Robocalls
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