Insurance Fraud Prevention Tips

Don’t Become a Victim of Insurance Fraud

  • Request detailed bills for repair and medical services and make sure they are accurate
  • Verify the agent and the company are licensed
  • Do not sign blank insurance forms
  • If the price seems to low to be true, be suspicious
  • Keep your insurance information in a safe place so it does not get stolen and used against you
  • Look out for vehicles that pull in front of you and force you to follow close – they may be setting you up for an accident
  • Keep a disposable camera in your car and take pictures of damage after an accident
  • Get detailed information on the other parties involved in an accident including injuries and how many people are present
  • Always report suspected fraud to an authority
  • Be aware of what information you disclose on the phone unless you can positively identify the caller
  • Limit access to your computer
  • When using a credit card online, be sure to only use secure sites
  • Check your financial records constantly to see what should be there and what should not be
  • Ask for a copy of your credit report
  • Maintain detailed records of banking and financial transactions