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06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Bloomsburg Professor Charged for Possessing Child Porn Pleads Guilty
06/13/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Mayor of Bloomsburg Pleads to Patronizing Prostitutes
06/07/2018 CASE UPDATE: Behavioral Health Worker Charged with $211K in Medicaid Fraud Involving Autistic Children Pleads Guilty
06/06/2018 CASE UPDATE: Election Fraud in 197th State House Race
06/04/2018 Former PennDOT Executive Charged with Felony for Accepting Bribes
06/04/2018 CASE UPDATE: Attorney General Shapiro Announces Nine More Drug Dealers Charged in “Dragon Heroin Pipeline”
05/31/2018 CASE UPDATE: Priest Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys Waives Preliminary Hearing and is Held for Trial
05/30/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Bedford District Attorney William Higgins Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
05/25/2018 Cambria County Plastic Surgeon Pleads Guilty to $288K in Medicaid and Insurance Fraud
05/24/2018 CASE UPDATE: Human Traffickers Who Lured Victim into Forced Prostitution Now Face Federal Charges
05/23/2018 Shutting Down a Fraudulent Prescription Pill Mill
05/22/2018 CASE UPDATE: Two Lawrence County Teens Charged with Double Homicide are Held for Trial
05/17/2018 CASE UPDATE: Mayor of Bloomsburg Resigns, Waives Preliminary Hearing for Soliciting Prostitutes
05/14/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Pennsylvania National Guard officer sentenced to prison for soliciting sex from a minor
05/10/2018 CASE UPDATE: Jamaican Lottery Scam Ringleader Charged with Felonies for Bilking Seniors in PA and USA
05/10/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Felony Charges against Nurse in Death of Herbert R. McMaster, Sr.
05/09/2018 CASE UPDATE: Election Fraud in 197th State House Race
05/09/2018 CASE UPDATE: Court Revokes Former Leechburg Police Chief’s Bond
05/08/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Charges Catholic Priest in Erie Diocese with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys
05/07/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Statement on Piazza Case Ruling
05/04/2018 AG Shapiro: Two Altoona Franciscan Friars Plead to Endangering the Welfare of Children
05/02/2018 CASE UPDATE: Former Lackawanna County Medical Technician Pleads Guilty to Forging Prescriptions
05/02/2018 CASE UPDATE: Uniontown Funeral Home Director Faces New Charges for Stealing $244K from 31 Elderly Clients Who Pre-Paid for their Funerals
04/26/2018 CASE UPDATE: Carbon County Man Pleads Guilty to Felony Child Predator Charges
04/26/2018 CASE UPDATE: Erie County Woman Charged for Forging Prescriptions Waives Court Hearing
04/26/2018 Office of Attorney General Appeals District Court Ruling in Piazza Hazing Death Case
04/25/2018 CASE UPDATE: A 6th Lackawanna County Prison Guard Charged with Sex Offenses is Held for Trial
04/25/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Felony Charges Against Five Child Predators in Northeast PA
04/25/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces Felony Fraud Charges Against Washington County Insurance Broker
04/23/2018 CASE UPDATE: Two Drug Dealers in Blair County “Dragon Heroin Pipeline” Plead Guilty, Sentenced to Jail
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