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Taking Action Topic: Consumers

Date Title
04/13/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Warns Pennsylvanians of Job Search and Employment Scams
04/10/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Alerts Pennsylvania Consumers to Mortgage Modification Scams
03/30/2018 CASE UPDATE: Kickstarter T-Shirt Scam Defendants Ordered to Pay $260K Following Contempt Hearing
03/19/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Holds Philadelphia Tow Truck Operator Accountable for Illegally Towing Cars
03/07/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Warns Pennsylvanians to be Cautious of Scams following Winter Storm Quinn
03/05/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Files Lawsuit against Uber for Massive Data Breach
02/17/2018 CASE UPDATE: Court Rules Energy Efficiency Standards Stalled by Trump Administration Must Go into Effect
02/14/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Warns Pennsylvanians of Online Romance Scams
02/13/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Warns Consumers of Fake IRS Calls and Scams as Tax Season Gets Underway
02/05/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Announces a Win in Case against Investment Firm involving “Rent-a-Tribe” Payday Lending Scheme
01/30/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Alerts Consumers to Register for Free Credit Monitoring with Equifax before Jan. 31 Deadline
01/29/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Praises Court Ruling Guaranteeing Medicare Advantage Coverage for Estimated 140,000 UPMC Patients in Western PA
01/26/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces $8 Million in Restitution for Pennsylvania Consumers and Agencies
01/26/2018 Attorney General Shapiro Warns of Super Bowl LII Scams
01/03/2018 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Announces Settlement with PHH Mortgage for Improperly Servicing Mortgage Loans
12/29/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s New Year’s Resolution to Consumers: Gym Membership Tips to Help Avoid Scams
12/20/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro and 50 AGs Reach $13.5M Settlement with Pharmaceutical Company for Misleading Marketing of Four Drugs
12/12/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Calls on Army Corps of Engineers to Protect Great Lakes, including Lake Erie, from Asian Carp
12/06/2017 In Wake of Latest Data Breach, PayPal Responds to Attorney General Shapiro Demands for More Disclosure
11/22/2017 Beware of Holiday Shopping Scams
11/16/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Calls on Consumers to File for Restitution from Western Union for Wire Transfer Scams
11/16/2017 Attorney General Shapiro and Senator Casey Commend FCC for Heeding Call to Let Phone Companies Block Illegal Robocalls
11/07/2017 Election Day Alert
10/25/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Announces $220 Million Settlement with Deutsche Bank for Manipulating Interest Rate Benchmarks
10/19/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Reaches Settlement with General Motors over Defective Ignition Switches
10/17/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Sues U.S. Education Secretary DeVos for Refusing to Enforce Laws Designed to Protect Students from Abuse by Predatory For-profit Schools
10/13/2017 Attorney General Shapiro and Federal Trade Commission Announce National Crackdown on Student Loan Debt Relief Scams
10/05/2017 Attorney General Shapiro Sues Nation’s Largest Student Loan Company for Widespread Abuses
10/04/2017 Attorney General Josh Shapiro and U.S. Senator Bob Casey Call on FCC to Let Telephone Providers Block Robocalls that Scam Pennsylvania Seniors
09/15/2017 PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro Demands Equifax Stop Charging Consumers for Credit Freeze Fees Following Massive Data Breach
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