Office of Attorney General seeking $1 million bail for 9 drug dealers arrested in major NE Philly raid, citing danger to community and risk of flight

September 13, 2017 | Topic: Opioids

Summerdale Drug Bust defendants face bail hearing Friday

PHILADELPHIA – Nine drug dealer suspects arrested in Philadelphia following a major raid that resulted in the seizure of 30,000 to 40,000 bags of suspected heroin and fentanyl and a large quantity of unbagged drugs face bail hearings on Friday. The Office of Attorney General is seeking high bail, citing the dealers’ danger to the community and risk of flight if they are released before trial.

“This was a massive drug raid that took $1.5 million in suspected heroin and fentanyl off the streets of Philadelphia – poison that could have killed Pennsylvanians,” Attorney General Shapiro said. “Given the felony charges these dealers face, my office is very concerned they pose a flight risk if they are released. We want them to stand trial and be held accountable for peddling this poison in our community.”

The bail hearing for the Summerdale drug bust defendants is Friday at 12 Noon in Courtroom 805 at the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, before Common Pleas Judge Tracy Brandeis Roman. The defendants are currently in custody in Philadelphia on $1 million bail. The Office of Attorney General on Friday will ask that the current bail for each defendant be maintained at $1 million.

The defendants all face felony charges of possession with intent to deliver narcotics, criminal conspiracy, racketeering, and dealing in criminal proceeds. They are identified as:

  • Antonio Galan, 37
  • Yolarini Galan (a.k.a. Yolarini Galan De Marinez), 35
  • Jose Munoz, 42
  • Carlos Munoz (a.k.a. Carlos Enrique Munoz-Rondon), 24
  • Emillio Padilla (a.k.a. Ramon Emillio Padilla-Suarez), 24
  • Walky Pereira (a.k.a. Walky Pereyra De Castro), 31
  • Jose Manuel Robles-German, 23
  • Jancy Rosario (a.k.a. Jancy Rosario-Hernandez), 27
  • Ariel Rondon (a.k.a. Ariel Rondon-Quezada), 32

When Office of Attorney General agents, working with Philadelphia police, executed a raid on 1118 Rosalie Street in the Summerdale neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia on Sept. 1, agents found the suspects attempting to flee a basement filled with bags of drugs and large quantities of drugs in powdered form. In addition to tens of thousands of bags filled with suspected heroin and fentanyl, agents seized between three and four kilograms of unbagged narcotics with a street value of $1.5 million. Office of Attorney General agents say it is among the largest drug seizures by the office in recent memory.

An agent with the Office of Attorney General and four Philadelphia police officers were exposed to drug powder in the house, experienced physical reactions, and were administered Narcan. All the law enforcement officers recovered. Preliminary analysis of the drugs by the Pennsylvania State Police indicates the presence of heroin and fentanyl, and analysis is ongoing.

For much of Friday, September 1, the immediate Summerdale neighborhood near the drug dealers’ house was cordoned off, as agents and police took steps to ensure the residents’ health and safety.

“These drug dealers put an entire community at risk by their criminal conduct,” Attorney General Shapiro said. “As I told the neighbors in Summerdale that evening, drug dealing is not a victimless crime. We’re going to do everything in our lawful power to keep these dangerous defendants behind bars until they stand trial and face justice for the harm they’ve inflicted on an entire city.”

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