Election Day Alert

November 5, 2018 | Topic: Criminal

Attorney General Josh Shapiro Guides Voters Where to Turn if they Experience Problems Voting at the Polls Tomorrow    

Harrisburg — In advance of Election Day, Attorney General Josh Shapiro is providing resources for Pennsylvania voters to direct them where to turn and who to call if they experience any problems voting, or if they see any indication of election violations.

On Tuesday, November 6, Pennsylvanians are voting to elect state legislators, members of United States Congress, United States Senator, Governor, and a slew of local races across the Commonwealth. Voters’ rights guides are available for download on the Office of Attorney General’s website in English and Spanish at www.attorneygeneral.gov/voting.

“Every vote counts in our democracy, and it’s vitally important that Pennsylvanians are able to exercise their right to vote in an honest and fair manner across our Commonwealth tomorrow and in every election,” Attorney General Shapiro said. “If you see something inappropriate or feel your right to vote is being undermined in any way, you should contact my office, your local district attorney, or county election board for assistance.”

In October 2017, the Office of Attorney General filed charges against four election workers in Philadelphia, which lead to guilty pleas, for fraudulent activity in a special election last year.

Across Pennsylvania, the Department of State’s Bureau of Elections is urging voters to report suspicious activity at their polling location by calling the Department at 1-877-868-3772 or submitting an election complaint form, found at the Department of State’s website. You can also contact your County Board of Elections at votespa.com/county.

If voters in any of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties experience difficulty or intimidation in any way at the polls, they can contact their local District Attorney. Here’s a link to the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association, listing every D.A.:   http://www.pdaa.org/da-directory/

“Voters need to have faith in the electoral system and that system must be fair and honest,” said Butler County District Attorney Richard A. Goldinger, president of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association. “No one should hesitate to contact their local district attorney if they see anything otherwise at their polling place.”

“We’re watching here in Pennsylvania to ensure tomorrow’s election upholds Pennsylvania laws, and we will have no tolerance for any interference in free and fair elections in our Commonwealth,” Attorney General Shapiro said.

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