AG Shapiro, Pennsylvania State Police Charge Lackawanna County Defense Attorney And Former Prosecutor With Sexual Misconduct

August 8, 2022 | Topic: Criminal

HARRISBURG – Attorney General Josh Shapiro and the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) today announced criminal charges against Lackawanna County defense attorney Corey Kolcharno for allegedly promoting prostitution against at least four female victims from 2018-2022. Kolcharno also served as an Assistant District Attorney for the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office from 2005-2011.

“Corey Kolcharno systematically exploited the vulnerabilities of his victims, who struggled with addiction and had a history of being sexually abused, for his own sexual gratification,” said AG Shapiro. “Kolcharno picked these victims because they had limited choices, because he thought they would be easy to silence, and less likely to be believed if they ever came forward. As Attorney General, I will stand up for people who need a voice in our Commonwealth.”

During the investigation conducted by PSP and the Office of Attorney General, it was stated that Kolcharno sexually violated four female women at various locations in and around Lackawanna County while he was representing them, their significant others or family members. All four women were subjected to sexual exploitation. Kolcharno tethered his performance as their counsel to a demand for sexual services from them or in exchange for payment.

Investigators found that many of Kolcharno’s female clients struggled with addiction, had a history of being sexually abused, or, suffered from other vulnerabilities. In most cases, Kolcharno would initiate contact by requesting nude photographs or worn undergarments in lieu of payment for legal services. He would then transition into requesting sex acts in exchange for legal services or payment.

“The Pennsylvania State Police is committed to investigating every allegation of sexual misconduct,” said Pennsylvania State Police Lieutenant Colonel Jeremy Richard, Deputy Commissioner of Operations. “Cases like this often present great difficulty for the victims and require an enormous amount of courage for the victims to come forward.”

One victim told investigators that Kolcharno knew she was in recovery, in jeopardy of incarceration and struggling financially. With that knowledge, he offered her $500.00 in exchange for sex. Kolcharno did not bill the victim. for the legal services rendered during that period.

While representing another woman in connection with criminal charges in 2019, Kolcharno stated that he would take $500.00 off her bill if she had sex with him. Investigators reviewed those records and noted that Kolcharno’s staff had deducted the sum from the victim’s account at Kolcharno’s request and added the note “per CJK” (Corey John Kolcharno).

Another victim struggling as a single mother met Kolcharno, who portrayed himself as being invested in understanding her plight and took on her brother, who was facing criminal charges, as a client. While working on his case, he requested nude photographs and asked for sexual intercourse in return for payment.

Following each act of intercourse, Kolcharno handed her $500.00 in cash. The victim stated that she felt ashamed and only relented after feeling as though there was no escape, knowing that he was also aware of her dire financial situation.

Investigators reviewed evidence that was recovered during a forensic examination of Kolcharno’s cellular phone, which contained hundreds of nude or sexually explicit images of Kolcharno’s female clients.

Kolcharno faces four counts of promoting prostitution, a felony of the third degree, for his crimes committed against these four victims.

This case was referred to the Office of Attorney General by the Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office and is being prosecuted by Assistant Chief Deputy Attorney General Daniel J. Dye. All charges discussed are accusations. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

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