• Chira Kowalski
    • 00:16:48-00:21:16
      How did the effect of what you saw in 2016 with the opioid crisis effect the kids at the playground or library? A: It was normalized unfortunately
    • 00:21:16-00:24:08
      Visual explanation of what it's like to watch someone overdose from experience. (Trailer moments)
  • Convery Interview
    • 00:27:28-00:28:37
      What is the most disturbing trend you've seen related to this crisis? Trailer/teaser moment "We had over 1200 overdoses last year in the city of Philadelphia."
  • Shelly Steiner
    • 00:21:35-00:23:05
      What's grey death?
    • 00:23:05-00:23:36
      Reacting to overdose. Perspective on addicts seeking out drugs previously used fatally by other addicts.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E04
    • 00:01:31-00:03:29
      Overdose in the current drug crisis in Pennsylvania from Heroin to Fentanyl.