• Anthony (Main) Interview
    • 00:16:06-00:18:04
      Have you considered running for office?
    • 00:30:22-00:32:47
      What was the catalyst that made you commit to the political arena? Possible to govern or participate in political arena with integrity.
    • 00:36:54-00:41:17
      Why were you late to the political arena given such positive upbringing and family dynamic? Urban Sports Zone. Urban Literacy.
  • Eric Fillman (Main) Interview 1
    • 00:00:20-00:03:21
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:03:21-00:05:50
      Where did you grow up? Family history.
    • 00:05:50-00:11:25
      How do you know Attorney General Josh Shapiro? Josh Shapiro was a co chair of a 24 member reform commission during his time as a state representative which Eric Fillman was chief counsel.
  • Eric Fillman (Main) Interview 2
    • 00:07:41-00:11:36
      What makes you personally proud of Pennsylvania?
    • 00:11:36-00:13:36
      What makes you proud of being an American? Freedom.
    • 00:13:36-00:17:04
      What challenges do you face in your job everyday? Law enforcement culture and not appearing to be holier than thou.
  • Angela Colista Interview
    • 00:00:09-00:00:52
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:00:52-00:07:35
      What got you interested in the opioid epidemic? Medicated assisted treatment. Drug Mortality.
    • 02:06:42-02:17:00
      What about the evolution of this epidemic had surprised you the most. Final thoughts on the epidemic and personal connection.
    • 04:34:06-04:38:05
  • Hetrick Interview
    • 00:00:55-00:01:35
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:01:35-00:05:11
      What attracted you to being a coroner? Explanation of job process; cause of death, category, office cases.
    • 00:05:11-00:06:47
      Career how he got into being a coroner. His personal job process.
    • 00:08:05-00:09:28
      Additional job process. Review of statistics and trends.
    • 00:55:31-00:58:33
      When did you see the first spike of the opioid crisis on the job. The crisis effects every community.
  • Jerry (Main) Interview
    • 00:00:28-00:02:08
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties. "I don't have to go to work", I get to go to work."
    • 00:05:20-00:07:35
      What got you into public engagement?
    • 00:12:58-00:14:04
      What single most accomplishment are you most proud of? "Keep getting better at what your doing."
    • 00:19:49-00:20:47
      What challenges to you face on a day to day basis? Keeping up with trends.
    • 00:22:51-00:24:28
      Closing Remarks?
  • Jerry (Main) Interview 2
    • 00:00:00-00:05:56
      Representing the OAG. "Could I carry the weight of being the AG?"
    • 00:09:39-00:11:35
      Explanation of Office of Public Engagement.
    • 00:11:35-00:13:33
      Favorite part of the job.
  • Jennifer (Main) Interview
    • 00:00:00-00:00:53
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:02:40-00:03:16
      Do you like what you do?
    • 00:05:07-00:06:22
      Why did you take this job? What interested you?
    • 00:07:20-00:08:34
      Where did you grow up and your connection to PA?
    • 00:10:42-00:12:40
      What personally makes you proud? Personally or professionally.
    • 00:13:54-00:14:55
      Have been able to get invested in the people your working with?
    • 00:23:40-00:25:38
      Final remarks?
  • Chira Kowalski
    • 00:00:33-00:00:53
      Name. Title. Duties
    • 00:00:53-00:01:52
      How did you start in this profession?
  • Dan & George
    • 00:00:00-00:00:51
      Name. Title. Duties.
  • Convery Interview
    • 00:00:00-00:00:40
      Name. Duty.Title
  • Kensington
    • 00:43:44-00:54:18
      Interview of Officer Ginion inside squad car. Primary angle. Discussion: How long have you been with the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD)? You started here in Kensington? Whats one of the most surprising thing you've seen related to this epidemic? A: how long it took for people to realize the epidemic was an issue. Where are you from? Why do like being back here? Police division camaraderie. Civilian relationship. "Dip" real life example complete with gentlemen on opioids. Narcan training. Difference for heroin and any other drug. Difference that the bikes have made.
  • John Dillensnyder1
    • 00:00:00-00:00:46
      Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:00:46-00:01:04
      How long have you been the director.
    • 00:01:04-00:01:55
      What made you want to keep going in your job?
  • John Dillensnyder2
    • 00:00:00-00:00:31
      Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:00:31-0:01:02
      Career history.
  • John Dillensnyder3
    • 00:00:00-00:00:51
      How you became the director.
    • 00:00:51-00:01:27
      What have you learned from this new position?
  • Charles Rocca
    • 00:00:00-00:00:32
      Name. Title. Duties.
  • Emily Leonardo
    • 00:00:57-00:02:05
      What does on average day look like? A: Everyday is different
    • 00:04:06-00:05:38
      Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:06:29-00:08:27
      Additional responsibilities. 00:08:00- "It's the job of my dreams."
  • Shelly Steiner
    • 00:02:46-00:05:22
      About the other programs.
    • 00:05:22-00:05:58
      Name. Title. Duties.
    • 00:05:58-00:07:15
      Something unique about her role and or work.
    • 00:07:15-00:08:48
      What got you into this line of work?
    • 00:09:30-00:12:51
      What is a CRS (Certified Recovery Specialist)? 00:11:22: What the CRS do specifically. 00:11:59: CRS relationships with clients.
  • Treatment Trends Video Clips 2
    • 00:00:00-00:11:59
      Video Clip 5: -Personal story of coming close to death due to drugs from Treatment Trends speaker. -Relationship with drug of choice. -Personal journey of Treatment Trends speaker. -Rock bottom definition. -Personal story of recovery from Treatment Trends speaker.
    • 00:00:00-00:00:51
      Video Clip 8: "This journey has ended up with me getting my Masters degree."
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E03
    • 00:23:01-00:26:08
      The effects of cyberbullying on everyday life. "Work opportunities, social relationships. All this is going to be effected. Because people are going to look there online and see what kind of conduct they have."