Statement of Attorney General Josh Shapiro on Federal Audit of Navient Student Loan Practices

November 20, 2018 | Topic: Consumers

HARRISBURG – Attorney General Josh Shapiro issued a statement in response to an article noting that the United States Department of Education had found deficiencies in Navient’s handling of student loan inquiries:

“Today’s news of a federal audit of Navient’s student loan practices supports what we’ve alleged all along: that Navient steered student borrowers into repayment options that cost them more in interest than they would have paid had Navient advised the student of all their repayment options.”

“The Education Department performed this review, but never shared it with the public. I sued Navient last year to address Navient’s failures in its loan servicing practices. Our case is live, active and ongoing.  I’ll hold Navient accountable and stand up for Pennsylvania’s students.”

In October 2017, Attorney General Shapiro sued Navient for engaging in unfair and deceptive lending and failing to offer proper repayment plans to students.  Pennsylvania has the second highest average for student loan debt in the nation at $36,854 per debt holder.

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