Statement by Attorney General Josh Shapiro on PA Supreme Court Ruling on Clergy Abuse Grand Jury Report

December 3, 2018 | Topic: Peoples AG

HARRISBURG — “I have consistently fought for the release of the entire, unredacted Grand Jury report into widespread sexual abuse and cover up within the Pennsylvania Catholic Church,” Attorney General Shapiro said. “Today’s Order allows predator priests to remain in the shadows and permits the Church to continue concealing their identities.”

“I will continue to stand with all survivors, fighting to ensure every victim gets their day in court and that every predator priest and every bishop and church official who enabled child abuse is held accountable for their abhorrent conduct. The public will not relent in its demand that anyone involved in this widespread abuse and cover up be named. No one victim’s truth is any less important than another and no one’s criminal conduct any less loathsome.”

“While this Order bars me from releasing the names of these 11 petitioners, nothing in this Order prevents the Dioceses from sharing the shielded names with their parishioners and the public. I call on the Bishops to do so immediately, consistent with their recent calls for transparency.”


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