CONSUMER ALERT: AG Shapiro Warns of Scams Related to Donations for Fallen Pennsylvania State Troopers

March 24, 2022 | Topic: Consumers

HARRISBURG― Attorney General Josh Shapiro is warning Pennsylvanians to be on the lookout for bogus fundraising calls that purport to benefit the families of Martin F. Mack and Branden T. Sisca, the two fallen Pennsylvania State Police troopers tragically killed in the line of duty on I-95 South in Philadelphia.

“As Pennsylvanians look to support the families of the fallen Pennsylvania State Troopers who were tragically killed on Monday morning, scammers may be taking advantage of your generosity,” said AG Shapiro. “This kind of scam is not only despicable – it’s against the law. These scams are not only to get your hard earned dollars meant to go to a good cause, but a way to steal your personal information. Report these scams to my office by calling (717) 783-2853 or on our website.”

The Pennsylvania State Trooper Association is the only official organization that represents and serves Pennsylvania state troopers, and this organization does not use telephone solicitation for fundraising.

Regrettably, there is no limit to the unscrupulous depths that fraudsters will go to profit on the misfortune of others. If you receive a call purporting to benefit the families of the fallen troopers:

  • Do not give on impulse simply because you have been solicited.
  • Do not provide any of your personal information.
  • Get as much information as you can from the caller, ask who they are; where they are calling from; if they are being paid to make the call; and whether they have been authorized by the families and the Pennsylvania State Police Troopers Association to ask for donations.
  • Ask if they are registered with the Department of State to solicit donations.
  • End the call by explaining you will be confirming the information before deciding on whether to make a donation.
  • Report the call and whatever information you were given to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General by calling (717) 783-2853 or submitting a complaint on our website:

Those wanting to make donations should consider giving directly to the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association at to be sure their gifts are used appropriately.







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