Attorney General Josh Shapiro Files Lawsuit Against Deceptive Scranton Appliance Repair Business

February 12, 2019 | Topic: Consumers
HARRISBURG — Attorney General Josh Shapiro today announced a lawsuit against the owner of an appliance-repair business based on claims that he accepted deposits for work which he failed to perform, or that he performed work in a substandard manner.
The Bureau of Consumer Protection alleges that John Hyland d/b/a Hyland’s Appliance Service engaged in unfair or deceptive conduct by taking money from Pennsylvania consumers, including senior citizens, to repair their appliances and then failing to do so, failing to do repairs in a workmanlike manner, and failing to honor his warranty when the repair failed, in violation of the Consumer Protection Law.  Additionally, when consumers contracted with Hyland to repair their appliances, the defendant, in several instances, misrepresented that the replacement parts he installed were new when they were not.
In at least one circumstance, consumer Carol Hazelton, of Clarks Summit, PA, paid defendant Hyland a $150 deposit to repair her dryer. After installing the parts that he told the consumer needed to be replaced, Ms. Hazelton paid Hyland the remaining balance owed. When Ms. Hazelton attempted to use her newly “repaired” dryer, it did not work. As a result, Ms. Hazelton contacted the defendant H to inform him that the dryer was not working. Hyland failed to respond to Ms. Hazelton’s attempts to contact him and failed to provide her a refund.
“John Hyland came into my home, told me all of these lies and scammed me out of money. I can’t believe he lied to my face and I want others to avoid getting scammed by Hyland’s Appliance Service. I am extremely grateful that Attorney General Shapiro and his office are doing something to stop this man from scamming other consumers.”
Attorney General Shapiro said, “This lawsuit is about protecting consumers from scams, no matter the dollar amount. Consumers relied on this business to repair appliances they use every day to keep their lives and homes running smoothly. We will continue to stand up for consumers like Ms. Hazelton, who the defendant hung out to dry, and fight to keep their hard earned money in their pockets.”
The lawsuit filed by Attorney General Shapiro’s office demands that Hyland pay restitution for consumers who suffered losses as a result of this conduct and an additional civil penalty for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law. The suit also asks the court to enter an order permanently stopping Hyland from offering or selling appliance service repairs in Pennsylvania.   
In the past two months alone, the Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has filed lawsuits to protect PA consumers from being scammed, such as; a suit against deceptive driveway paving company, a suit against a man posing as immigration attorney, a suit against father-and-son plumbers for defrauding PA consumers, and a suit against a Chester County home improvement business.
The Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection has also held a woman accountable for scamming veterans with uncertified claims-benefits assistance, and an owner/operator of a mobile home park in Blair County after scamming prospective and current tenants.
If you believe you have been victimized by John Hyland directly or in the name of Hyland’s Appliance Service or by any other appliance servicing company, call 800-441-2555 or email to file a complaint.
The lawsuit was filed in Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas by Deputy Attorney General Merna Hoffman.

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