AG Shapiro Statement on the Guilty Verdict of Derek Chauvin

April 20, 2021 | Topic: Peoples AG

Please find the statement below from Attorney General Josh Shapiro regarding the guilty verdict, on all counts, of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd:

“Today’s conviction is one step of accountability on a long road toward justice. The failures of our system haunt our country’s history, from Dred Scott to Rodney King to Trayvon Martin, but we can write a new chapter.
The mandate of equal justice under the law must be fulfilled each day and in each case. Let us resolve to continue our collective efforts to combat structural racism, in all its forms, and in all institutions so that we may achieve real and lasting justice.
My heart is with all Americans experiencing pain and trauma tonight, and with the Floyd family, who will spend their lives missing George Floyd — their dad, their brother, and their friend.”

-Attorney General Josh Shapiro

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