Programs for Kids

Truth & Choices
A drug program aimed at middle and high school students introduces students to Shane, who shares his true story of hard choices and near death experiences due to drugs and alcohol. It is a reality check for all students and will open a unique dialogue about the realities of substance abuse.

Prescription Drugs (Rx Consequences)
This program focuses on the growing problem of prescription drug abuse among teenagers. The presentation features the story of a young man whose dependence on prescription drugs led him down an unexpected path of destruction.

Sticks & Stones
A program that aims to change the way students thinks about bullying. No longer a push on the playground or a whisper in the hall, bullying has been transformed by the internet and now includes texting, social media, emails and websites.

Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship is a program for grades 8-12 that explains what is expected of you while online and appropriate use of social media. We explore the consequences of improper use of the internet, dangers online, cyberbullying and your “digital footprint.” We all need to be good digital citizens as part of our cyber community.