Programs for Seniors

The Office of Public Engagement offers a variety of adult programs to give the audience the tools necessary to make informed decisions to better protect their families from these devastating issues. These programs make seniors “aware” of the scams and frauds that are out there; teach them how to “avoid” becoming the next victim; make them “alert” and observant of their surroundings and situations they are facing; and, encourage them to report any instances of scam or fraud to their local law enforcement.  The programs include:

Senior Scam Prevention
The Senior Scam Prevention educates older Pennsylvanians and their families throughout the Commonwealth on crime prevention. Our goal is to make Pennsylvania’s older population aware of the threat of fraud to the elder community, teach them how to avoid being victimized; and to make sure they know who they should call when they are concerned about their safety and well-being.

Older Adult Bullying “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”
Bullying does not stop at any age. While we grow older, we do not necessarily “grow up.”  This interactive program is designed to educate individuals on senior bullying and includes: types of bullying, why people bully, and what an individual can do to help themselves or others in a bullying situation. This program will help any individual that is involved in a bullying situation to find the confidence within them to report the problem.  This program will also help caregivers recognize bullying issues in the senior population.

How to Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft      
This program is aimed at educating seniors through some “Dos & Don’ts” of ID Theft.  Each year, more than 10 million Americans have their personal information — including name, social security number, bank account, or credit card number — stolen.  Often times, thieves use this information to open phony credit card, bank, or utility accounts.  Occasionally, the perpetrator will use the victim’s identity to secure benefits such as healthcare or government assistance.