Campus Safety

862 Pennsylvanians between the ages of 15 and 24 died
from drug overdoses in 2016

1,700 college students die each year from alcohol-related injuries

One in five young adults experiences a mental health condition

Students of college age are at higher risk for sexual violence
than other age groups

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Message from the Attorney General:

Going to college is an exciting time for young people. Experiencing campus culture, getting a great education, and furthering their career goals are central to the college experience.

When parents drop their children off at college, it’s natural for them to experience a wide range of emotions. Fear shouldn’t be one of them. But unfortunately, too many of our students are harmed by serious and traumatic events on campus. Sexual assault, excessive alcohol consumption, illicit drug use, mental health conditions, and other serious issues can affect any student seemingly without warning.

While Pennsylvania’s 200 institutions of higher learning strive to do their best to protect their students every day, there is always more that can be done. Until every student can complete their education safely, we must continue to strive to build campuses that root out dangers and provide supports for those in recovery.

Of course, colleges and universities cannot do this alone. All of us have a role to play and a responsibility to take action to strengthen our campuses. Students, parents, staff, faculty, local law enforcement, treatment providers, community organizations, advocates, and many others can make meaningful and lasting contributions to campus safety.

This document exists to serve as a useful resource for you as you look to strengthen your institution. I am deeply committed to protecting all of Pennsylvania’s students, and I look forward to continuing the conversations started by these roundtables.

All the best,
Josh Shapiro