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Case Management System Survey

  • What type of staff use the system?
  • What divisions/areas of your office use the system? * Required
  • Was your system a commercial off the shelf (COTS) solution or was it developed in house? * Required
  • Is your system web-based or client server? * Required
  • What software technologies was your system developed in? * Required
  • What kind of database is used in your system? * Required
  • If developed in house, would you be willing to provide your system source code and database structure to another state? * Required
  • If your system was purchased, do you have any language in your contract that another state can utilize your contract? * Required
  • Does your system integrate with any known packages in the industry?
  • Does your system work on a mobile device?
  • How long has your system been live? * Required
  • What features does your document management system support?