News: Taking Action Items

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12/29/2020 AG Shapiro Announces Winners of 2021 Drug-Free Calendar Contest
12/23/2020 AG Shapiro Successfully Resolves Sabre Data Breach Case
12/23/2020 Philadelphia Man To Be Charged With Theft of Campaign Finances
12/17/2020 Attorney General Josh Shapiro Files Lawsuit Seeking to End Google’s Illegal Monopoly in Search
12/16/2020 AG Shapiro Shuts Down Student Loan Forgiveness Scam, Gets Money Back For Consumers
12/14/2020 AG Shapiro: 3 Arrested, $850k Reimbursed in Company Fraud Scheme
12/09/2020 AG Shapiro Files Lawsuit Seeking to End Facebook’s Illegal Monopoly
12/09/2020 CASE UPDATE: Lancaster Woman Sentenced to State Prison for Toddler’s Murder
12/08/2020 AG Shapiro, Kaul, Nessel Issue Statement on Texas’s Attempt to Block Election Results
12/08/2020 AG Shapiro Statement on Texas Lawsuit Regarding 2020 Election in PA
12/07/2020 AG Shapiro Secures $2.75 Million for Pennsylvania Mortgage Loan Borrowers
12/03/2020 Case Update: Judge Orders Residents of Vision Homes To Stop Payments to “Rent To Own” Scam Landlords
12/01/2020 Statement by Attorney General Josh Shapiro on U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Reinstating Conviction of Graham Spanier
12/01/2020 AG Shapiro: Watch Out For Increased Scams This Holiday Season
11/30/2020 AG Shapiro: Pennsylvanians Should Be Wary Of Puppy Scams As Sales Spike This Holiday Season
11/24/2020 Attorney General Josh Shapiro and The Home Depot Agree On $680K+ Settlement Regarding Data Breach
11/24/2020 STATEMENT: AG Shapiro on the Certification of Electors in Pennsylvania
11/20/2020 AG Shapiro: Philadelphia Man To Be Charged With Embezzlement
11/19/2020 AG Shapiro Settles with Online Ticket Platform Over Hidden Fees, Canceled Events, Refund Policy
11/19/2020 Cambria County Man Charged with the 2017 Shooting Death of Barron Grumbling
11/19/2020 Lebanon County Couple Arrested For Abusing 3-Month-Old Infant
11/18/2020 AG Shapiro Announces $3 Million PA Settlement with Apple
11/17/2020 AG Shapiro: Court Agrees Trump Administration’s Latest DACA Order Illegal
11/16/2020 CASE UPDATE: Carbon County Man Pleads Guilty To Rape
11/12/2020 Lancaster Doctor Pleads To Sexual Assault, Will Serve 9-20 Years In Prison
11/10/2020 AG Shapiro Stops Company from Misrepresenting Mattress Disposal as ‘Eco-Friendly’
11/09/2020 On Eve of Oral Arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court, AG Shapiro Defends Affordable Care Act
11/03/2020 AG Shapiro Reminds Pennsylvania Voters He Will Protect Every Vote
11/02/2020 AG Shapiro Charges Perry County District Judge With Indecent Assault of a 12 Year Old Child
10/29/2020 AG Shapiro: Two Charged For Possession of Illegal Explosives in Philadelphia
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