Diversity and Inclusion

As the chief law enforcement office for the Commonwealth, we know how important it is for our staff to reflect the communities we serve. We are committed to making the Office of Attorney General a diverse and inclusive workplace and are proud to support the work of the inter-office Diversity, Leadership, and Belonging Council (DLBC), which is instrumental to ensuring that all of our employees feel welcomed and have a full voice in our professional community.

  • Diversity: presence of individual and group/social differences
  • Inclusion: active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity
  • Equity: creating opportunities for and giving equal access to protected classes under EEO Law
  • Equity-minded: a demonstrated awareness of and willingness to address equity issues
  • Equity vs. equality: consideration for individual/group needs vs. treating everyone one the same
  • Belonging: the result of inclusive and equitable efforts and actions; feeling as if one is valued; belonging often leads to empowerment
  • BIPOC: acronym for Black, Indigenous, People of Color
  • AANHPI: acronym for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander
  • Diversity:  increase the overall representation of women, BIPOC and underrepresented groups, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the differently-abled.
  • Inclusion: create intentional opportunities for active and ongoing engagement with diversity to increase awareness, empathetic understanding, and social/cultural intellect.
  • Communication: develop a process to share Diversity and Inclusion initiative, actions, and results for transparency and to build trust and relationships.
  • External Relations: :  External Communications:  establish meaningful relationships and engage with external groups that align with the Office of the Attorney General’s mission to maximize and sustain diversity and inclusion efforts.  We strive to create relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), community organizations, and local non-profits.
  • Accountability: build in measures to hold all levels of the Office of Attorney General accountable for Diversity & Inclusion goals and objectives.
Philadelphia Office

  • OAG Cultural Connection Committee (OCC) – purpose is to celebrate inclusivity, embrace, diversity, and promote fairness through equity and equality.
    • Inaugural Events:
      • Black History Month 2017;
        Understanding & Embracing Differences
      • Hispanic Heritage Month;
  • Community Events:
    • Race Talks
    • Cheltenham/Quakertown event
    • Diversity Job Fairs
  • Transgender Inclusion Training- University of Pennsylvania LGBT Center

Harrisburg Office

  • Governor’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs- Hispanic Heritage Celebration
  • Multicultural Interagency Black History Program- Feb. 14, 2019
  • Transgender Inclusion Training- LGBT of Central PA

Pittsburgh Office

  • Transgender Inclusion Training- PFLAG Pittsburgh
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The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General (OAG) is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to strengthening diversity within our agency.

The OAG believes that representation is a critical indicator of diversity and inclusion and understands its importance to our organization’s success. With intentionality, we are creating an environment that inclusively reflects all the constituents of the Commonwealth. We respect and seek to build an organization that represents diversity of culture, background, life experience, and skill. The OAG is an equity-minded agency in search of diverse talent to recruit, to retain, and to empower allowing us to give our best in service to the Commonwealth.

Office of Attorney General Employment Opportunities

Dorene Wilbur
Office of the Attorney General, DEI Specialist


Message from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Specialist:

I have been a proud Pennsylvanian all of my life. In fact, my experiences in this great state have affirmed my belief that diversity is a fact and a gift, equity is a right, and inclusion and belonging are necessary for a strong Commonwealth.  In today’s climate, building strong relationships amongst private and public sectors, communities, and law enforcement will require hard work, honest conversations, a willingness to learn, and open minds.  DEI is hard work.  We must recruit, train, and retain.  But above all, we must eliminate the damaging impact of bias and intolerance by seeing every person’s humanity and worth.  It can be done, and with the full support of Attorney General Henry, I am here to serve and facilitate that process.