AG Shapiro Statement On DOJ’s Positive Step Toward Closing Ghost Gun Loophole

May 7, 2021 | Topic: Criminal

Today, the Department of Justice announced a proposed rule would modernize the definition of “frame or receiver” and help close a regulatory loophole associated with the un-serialized DIY firearms and gun kits. Ghost guns typically start as “80% receivers,” which can be quickly assembled, lack serial numbers so they cannot be traced, and, once fully assembled, can operate as fully functioning firearms. Please see the statement below from Attorney General Josh Shapiro:

“Today is a leap forward to permanently closing the loophole on ghost guns and I applaud Attorney General Garland for taking action.

In 2019, my office sounded the alarm — these homemade gun kits are firearms. They should be treated the same way and subject to background checks. These guns have become prolific and are criminals’ weapon of choice because of the ease of accessibility. In just four years, almost 600 ghost guns have been recovered in Philadelphia. Having these DIY gun kits require background checks makes law enforcement’s job easier and communities safer.”
-AG Shapiro

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