Office Of Public Engagement

  • Jerry (Main) Interview
    • 00:00:28-00:02:08
      What do you do for OAG? Name. Title. Duties. "I don't have to go to work", I get to go to work."
    • 00:02:08-00:03:34
      What tricks do you use to engage in conversation with the people you're trying to help?
    • 00:05:20-00:07:35
      What got you into public engagement?
    • 00:08:06-00:09:56
      What do you love about working for the OAG? "I like to let people know we've got their back."
  • Jerry (Main) Interview 2
    • 00:09:39-00:11:35
      Explanation of Office of Public Engagement.
  • OAG Podcast-S01E09B
    • 00:00:00-00:00:16
    • 00:00:16-00:03:20
      Anthony Luker's thoughts on teens and digital devises.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E09A
    • 00:09:07-00:10:22
      Perception of what's necessary to help young people and technology from an educational view to a parents' view.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E05
    • 00:05:50-00:07:53
      Vulnerable areas of exploitation for scammers. (Types of scams)
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E04
    • 00:00:41-00:01:31
      Awareness of drug lacing by kids from the view of Jerry Mitchel OAG Office of Pubic Engagement Officer.
    • 00:19:15-00:21:46
      End of segment recap.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E03
    • 00:36:52-00:38:53
      End of segment recap.