From 1935 until the 1970s, relatively high rates of union membership among Americans played an important role in reducing income inequality. In roughly the same period, incomes doubled, and grew in all segments of the work force at about the same pace. Since the 1970s, as rates of union membership have fallen, an old problem has reemerged: income inequality.

Average individual made
In 2018

In 2018
51.2 %
of all Pennsylvania workers make $15 per hour or less

people in the US were considered working poor in 2017


In spite of economic gains over the last forty years, the purchasing power of American workers’ wages has been stagnant
Many of the people working in low-paying jobs aren't teenagers, but adults who are struggling to support their families
As working peoples’ wages have stagnated, executive compensation has skyrocketed
This extreme inequality is bad for everyone

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