Pennsylvania Youth Impacted by JUUL

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has sued JUUL Labs, Inc. over its sale and marketing of its JUUL e-cigarettes.  We allege that JUUL marketed its e-cigarettes to youth, harming thousands of young people and threatening public health.  Our data indicates that a large number of middle and high school students began using the JUUL e-cigarette after its launch in 2015.

We want to learn more about how JUUL’s marketing impacted youth in Pennsylvania.

To assist us in this endeavor, please feel free to print, post and share the below resources.

We appreciate your efforts in assisting us in protecting our young people.  If you have questions about this matter, please feel free to contact our Office at 717-783-1794 or email at

Click here for the JUUL Questionnaire

Click here for the JUUL Flyer

Click here for Parental-Guardian Consent Form

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