• Angela Colista Interview
    • 00:28:32-00:33:18
      How long is the recovery process? Story.
    • 02:06:42-02:17:00
      What about the evolution of this epidemic had surprised you the most. Final thoughts on the epidemic and personal connection.
  • Hetrick Interview
    • 00:58:33-00:59:00
      Heroin effect on families. Personal connection.
    • 01:10:58-01:14:45
      Story on subconcience fault acceptance. Heroin addict, Nelson accepts his addiction was his fault.
    • 01:22:15-01:23:27
      Story on Physician who used opioids to numb emotional pain.
    • 01:26:12-01:28:54
      Story about addiction. 11 year old suicide. (Powerful story)
    • 01:31:49-01:39:30
      What is the hardest part of your job in relation to this epidemic? A: Working with the families and their loss.
  • Jerry (Main) Interview
    • 00:03:34-00:05:20
      Jerry's background and relation to PA.
    • 00:17:09-00:18:42
      What are some of your hobbies? Writing and learning sign language.
  • Jerry (Main) Interview 2
    • 00:13:33-00:18:04
      What makes you so amped to do your job?
  • Chira Kowalski
    • 00:24:08-00:26:40
      When was the turning point for you to get that training? When did you get it and why?
  • Dan & George
    • 00:30:14-00:30:07
      Why MAT? Stigma comparison with other culturally accepted diseases, example diabetes.
    • 01:06:25-01:09:09
      How should we be approaching this epidemic verses how are we?
  • Kensington
    • 01:07:35-01:13:52
      Encampment visit. Interview 2. Primary angle. Discussion: Personal drug history. Available resources. VERY good interview.
  • John Dillensnyder3
    • 00:01:27-00:03:24
      History of the organization.
    • 00:18:41-00:20:01
      Recovery story.
  • Treatment Trends Video Clips 2
    • 00:00:00-00:11:59
      Video Clip 5: -Personal story of coming close to death due to drugs from Treatment Trends speaker. -Relationship with drug of choice. -Personal journey of Treatment Trends speaker. -Rock bottom definition. -Personal story of recovery from Treatment Trends speaker.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E05
    • 00:09:05-00:10:08
      Personal story from Jerry Mitchel on Romantic Scams. Shocking dollar amounts recorded from OAG hotline on Senior Scams.
    • 00:11:50-00:12:41
      Scam example. Illegitimate Kickstarter campaign.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E04
    • 00:06:30-00:07:23
      Story from Jerry Mitchell of young man you who overdosed on drugs that he was unaware were laced.
  • Catholic Church: Victims Rally
    • 00:10:42-00:16:14
      Rachel's story 14:37-"How much are your children worth"
    • 00:16:14-00:19:50
      Jamie Dancher's story
    • 00:54:42-00:59:05
      Sean Dockerty 00:00:56-"We're not allowed to offend anybody, but everybody offends us."
    • 00:59:05-01:05:33
      Sean Dockerty military story 00:01:04-"Your either gonna stand with us, or we're gonna show the world that you stand with pedophiles."