Mental Health

  • Angela Colista – Nursing Professor – Drexel
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      How long is the recovery process? Story.
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      Addiction as a choice. Addiction can be affected by our lifestyle choices through, gaming, gambling, social media...etc.
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      Why do think this epidemic is hitting harder in states like Pennsylvania and New Hamshire? Sackler, Perdue Pharma
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      Hub and Spoke. Angela is part of Tello Echo. Technology conclusion.
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      What are some ways we can work on our education in general specifically, mental health and addiction. Learn to talk about it.
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      mental health continued
  • Graham Hetrick – Dauphin County Coroner
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      Solutions to the opioid addiction crisis. Conscience and subconsience mind. Opioid use is a way to unknowingly relieve mental pain in most cases rather than physical.
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      Forensics trends.
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      What do you think is working and not working regarding combating the epidemic? Hetrick is critical of MAT in the long run and thinks it should be the ultimate last result.
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      Hetrick's theology on conscience and the power of belief.
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      Newtonian. Contrast between his theology and newtonian belief. Hetrick's views on pain particularity emotional pain related to opioids.
  • Chira Kowalski – Kensington Librarian
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      How did the effect of what you saw in 2016 with the opioid crisis effect the kids at the playground or library? A: It was normalized unfortunately