• Angela Colista Interview
    • 00:00:52-00:07:35
      What got you interested in the opioid epidemic? Medicated assisted treatment. Drug Mortality.
    • 00:07:35-00:11:31
      How do you think the narrative has changed regarding MAT?
    • 00:33:18 -00:41:46
      Addiction as a choice. Addiction can be affected by our lifestyle choices through, gaming, gambling, social media...etc.
    • 01:41:40-01:45:37
      Hub and Spoke. Angela is part of Tello Echo. Technology conclusion.
    • 01:45:37-01:55:04
      Technology Impact.
  • Hetrick Interview
    • 01:10:17-01:10:58
      Medically Assisted Treatment.
    • 01:14:45-01:16:58
      What do you think is working and not working regarding combating the epidemic? Hetrick is critical of MAT in the long run and thinks it should be the ultimate last result.
  • Dan & George
    • 00:13:11-00:13:47
      Any examples of the effectiveness of regional practices as related to the treatment of the opioid crisis?
    • 00:25:46-00:30:14
      Major things currently fueling the epidemic.
    • 00:30:14-00:30:07
      Why MAT? Stigma comparison with other culturally accepted diseases, example diabetes.
    • 00:46:30-00:50:03
      What do you think are the things to focus on in relation to this epidemic?
  • John Dillensnyder3
    • 00:05:02-00:07:15
      What have you seen change?
    • 00:20:17-00:22:15
      Thoughts on MAT?