• Inspector Ray Convery – Phila PD (Kensington)
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      Name. Duty.Title
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      How did you first get introduced to the opioid epidemic?
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      Why his area of Philadelphia is the center of the drug crises. Trailer/teaser moments
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      Where are drug suppliers coming from? Where are they getting their product?
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      Product branding, stamps.
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      What is a bad batch of heroin?
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      Do you agree that the opioid epidemic took off in the mid to late 90's?
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      What is the most prevailing issue related to the epidemic? A: The drug market violence.
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      Why is Philadelphia so effected by the opioid epidemic? A: Philadelphia is known to have the best drug market draws in people from all over, nationally.
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      Are there other players in the drug market that people don't talk about?
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      How do you go about arresting drug "landlords"?
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      How quickly do dealers get replaced? Specifically the head of a drug ring? effectiveness of bikes.
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      Can Kensington be likened to a war zone?
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      Mentality of the rookies in relation to rapid growth.
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      What are the demographics of buyers? A: Everyone; all ages and races.
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      Insight on how drug dealers manufacture the product.
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      How has fentanyl changed the crisis?
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      Has fentanyl made the job harder?
  • Kensington
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      Philadelphia police officer Ginion street interview, secondary angle. Philadelphia police crest shot on squad car. Additional shot of lonely shoe.
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      Street interview of 2 men effected by epidemic. Secondary angles with production value. Encampment visit.
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      Street interview of additional man effected by epidemic. Secondary angle with production value. Encampment visit.
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      Interview of Officer Ginion inside squad car. Primary angle. Discussion: How long have you been with the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD)? You started here in Kensington? Whats one of the most surprising thing you've seen related to this epidemic? A: how long it took for people to realize the epidemic was an issue. Where are you from? Why do like being back here? Police division camaraderie. Civilian relationship. "Dip" real life example complete with gentlemen on opioids. Narcan training. Difference for heroin and any other drug. Difference that the bikes have made.
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      Philadelphia police officer Ginion street interview, Primary angle. Discussion: Impact of bike officers. Rookie process. Walkthrough of the literal current setting.
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      Interview of Officer Ginion inside squad car. Primary angle. Discussion: Similar to bikes, do think there are initiatives that are working? Last Stop recovery initiatives. Which demographics does this epidemic effect? A: All
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      Encampment visit.
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      Encampment visit. Interview 1. Primary angle. Discussion: What are the vibes officers and reports etc..
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      Encampment visit. Interview 2. Primary angle. Discussion: Personal drug history. Available resources. VERY good interview.
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      Encampment visit. Interview 3. Primary angle. Discussion: Walkthrough of the literal current setting. Available resources. Personal investment. What gives you hope during this epidemic. Personal investment.