• Hetrick Interview
    • 00:09:28-00:10:37
      Relationship between heroin and fentanyl.
    • 00:14:35-00:17:32
      Solutions to the opioid addiction crisis. Conscience and subconsience mind. Opioid use is a way to unknowingly relieve mental pain in most cases rather than physical.
    • 01:03:14-01:04:21
      Scary things he sees on a day to day that would scare most "normal people". In Pennsylvania people are more likely to die from opioids than anything else.
  • Dan & George
    • 00:15:41-00:18:16
      Any recent trends that scare you more than others? A: Fentanyl
    • 00:21:04-00:23:36
      What was the tipping point in getting us to address the opioid crisis. Topic shift: trailer/teaser moments
    • 00:44:33-00:46:30
      Difference between opioid epidemic and crack epidemic.
    • 00:56:58-01:01:47
      Evolution of tolerance.
  • Convery Interview
    • 00:05:53-00:07:02
      What is a bad batch of heroin?
    • 00:23:55-00:24:43
      How has fentanyl changed the crisis?
    • 00:24:43-00:25:46
      Has fentanyl made the job harder?
    • 00:25:46-00:26:19
      How quickly is fentanyl effecting the market?
    • 00:40:09-00:44:36
      Final Remarks.
  • John Dillensnyder3
    • 00:09:22-00:11:04
      What do you think has caused the increase in addiction?
  • Shelly Steiner
    • 00:17:03-00:21:35
      Perception and the opioid epidemic and recovery. "If it was your daughter wouldn't you give them one more chance."
    • 00:21:35-00:23:05
      What's grey death?
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E04
    • 00:01:31-00:03:29
      Overdose in the current drug crisis in Pennsylvania from Heroin to Fentanyl.