• Anthony (Main) Interview
    • 00:09:40-00:12:26
      What makes you such a great communicator? What makes us struggle to communicate in our society today? Family Environment.
    • 00:12:26-00:16:06
      Personal history, physical upbringing and family Relationships. Pressure to join political arena.
    • 00:18:04-00:18:58
      Family impact on ideologies. Optimism.
    • 00:36:54-00:41:17
      Why were you late to the political arena given such positive upbringing and family dynamic? Urban Sports Zone. Urban Literacy.
  • Eric Fillman (Main) Interview 1
    • 00:03:21-00:05:50
      Where did you grow up? Family history.
  • Eric Fillman (Main) Interview 2
    • 00:00:00-00:03:28
      What got you into government?
    • 00:03:28-00:07:41
      What makes you personally proud (passion). Family. Genealogy. Sports.
  • Angela Colista Interview
    • 00:44:36-00:59:21
      Impact addiction has on family members and friends. Family and friends need recovery recourses in their homes. Good moments for teaser/trailer.
    • 00:59:21-01:03:19
      Why hasn't there been a collective effort such as a pamphlet or brochure to get awareness and information out? Not everyone is giving accurate information.
    • 01:17:32-01:24:37
      Why do think this epademic is hitting harder in states like Pennsylvania and New Hamshire?
    • 01:55:04-02:06:42
      What are some ways we can work on our education in general specifically, mental health and addiction. Learn to talk about it.
  • Hetrick Interview
    • 01:31:49-01:39:30
      What is the hardest part of your job in relation to this epidemic? A: Working with the families and their loss.
  • Jerry (Main) Interview
    • 00:03:34-00:05:20
      Jerry's background and relation to PA.
    • 00:09:56-00:10:41
      What attracted you to public services?
  • Jennifer (Main) Interview
    • 00:07:20-00:08:34
      Where did you grow up and your connection to PA?
    • 00:08:34-00:09:23
      Why did you want to come back to PA after your time career and eduction wise out of state?
    • 00:10:42-00:12:40
      What personally makes you proud? Personally or professionally.
    • 00:16:16-00:17:23
      What hobbies do you have?
    • 00:17:23-00:18:38
      What are the important lessons do you give your children?
    • 00:23:40-00:25:38
      Final remarks?
  • Chira Kowalski
    • 00:26:40-00:33:24
      The effect of stigma to the opioid epidemic. (Trailer moments)
  • Dan & George
    • 00:38:12-00:41:57
      Insight on education resource improvement on the opioid epidemic.
  • Charles Rocca
    • 00:02:36-00:04:44
      Impact of treatment via law enforcement and clinic rep relationship.
    • 00:09:14-00:15:10
      How can we as a community make this a better situation? "Having that conversation, knowing that there is help out there." 00:13:46- Personal connection to addiction. 00:14:24-Trailer/Teaser moment on the upside of recovery.
  • Emily Leonardo
    • 00:02:05-00:02:43
      Do you find people can relate to you easily? Why?
    • 00:10:15-00:12:07
      Is there anything else you think that the people of Pennsylvania should know about what your doing?
  • OAG Podcast-S01E09B
    • 00:05:49-00:08:28
      Thoughts on common reasons we give kids technology. "Keeping the child quiet."
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E09A
    • 00:10:22-00:11:36
      Thoughts on "Old school downtime." Downtime without the technology, example going outside.
    • 00:11:36-00:13:42
      How titans of tech (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs) limit technology from their own kids.
    • 00:13:42-00:15:15
      Challenges of staying ahead of regulating technology in kids. It's harder to impose regulations if freedom has been the way of life.
    • 00:20:48-00:22:08
      Responsibility of the older generation in this technological age.
    • 00:23:19-00:25:17
      Thoughts on multi-tasking a conversation while being on your phone.
    • 00:48:52-00:50:05
      How has the information age changed parenting? Answered by Anthony Luker.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E05
    • 00:05:12-00:05:50
      Seniors perspective while getting scammed.
    • 00:16:21-00:19:58
      Additional scam types by Jerry Mitchel. Family emergency and contractor scams.
    • 00:21:26-00:22:43
      Solutions and take aways from Senior scam topic.
    • 00:22:43-00:30:29
      Additional scam types by Jerry Mitchel.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E04
    • 00:12:00-00:13:35
      Parenting in todays drug crisis and prevalence of drug lacing in places such as candy. "Now I'm gonna have to have another conversation with my kids."
    • 00:15:16-00:19:15
      Who how do we regulate the laced drug issue. Parenting advice for drug lacing.
  • OAG-Podcast-S01E03
    • 00:21:54-00:23:01
      Perspective on the effects of bullying on the bully from David Corbin. "No one come's out winning."
    • 00:26:08-00:27:59
      What can parents and educators do to A. Identify bullying, and B. Deal with bullying in the cyber space.
    • 00:33:46-00:35:19
      Parenting advice: Drafting an anti-bullying document for kids and parents.
  • Catholic Church: Victims Rally
    • 00:05:23-00:10:42
      Marcy Hamilton Victims rally speech. -Window for justice 7:27- ''Thank you to these giants....for validating the victims" 8:07 - Grand Jury report "We got lobbyist, who lobbied for 13 years"
    • 00:10:42-00:16:14
      Rachel's story 14:37-"How much are your children worth"
    • 00:16:14-00:19:50
      Jamie Dancher's story
    • 00:19:50-00:25:55
      Senator Rafferty
    • 00:25:55-00:30:33
      Senator Leach
    • 00:30:33-00:37:53
      Senator Hughs
    • 00:37:53-00:48:20
      Jennifer Storm
    • 00:48:20-00:51:08
      Jennifer Storm on OAG efforts.
    • 00:51:08-00:54:42
      Marry McKale 00:00:53-"If you don't vote for the're standing with the predator."
    • 00:54:42-00:59:05
      Sean Dockerty 00:00:56-"We're not allowed to offend anybody, but everybody offends us."
    • 00:59:05-01:05:33
      Sean Dockerty military story 00:01:04-"Your either gonna stand with us, or we're gonna show the world that you stand with pedophiles."
    • 01:05:33-01:09:13
      Governor Tom Wolf
    • 01:09:13-01:14:14
      Francis Wolf
    • 01:14:14-
      Attorney General Josh Shapiro