Honors Fellowship Program

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General Honors Fellowship Program has been established to provide driven recent law graduates who are committed to public service the opportunity to gain practical experience in the public sector. This competitive program accepts applications from current law students seeking post-graduation employment by means of a one-year fellowship.

Current Fellowship Opportunities

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General is seeking entry-level attorneys for its 2020 Honors Fellowship Program. This program offers recent law graduates the opportunity to broaden their exposure to the public sector while assuming individual responsibility for their work. Through the Honors Fellowship program, new attorneys will receive guidance and instruction from senior members of the office to enhance proficiency and continue to develop research, writing, and litigation skills.

Eligibility Requirements

Law students who are in their final year at an accredited law school and scheduled to graduate in the Spring of 2020 are encouraged to apply. Exceptions may be made for individuals actively participating in clerkships who have not held the title of “Attorney” in any capacity following graduation. The program begins in September 2020.

Applications must be submitted with the required materials and are to be received no later than October 31, 2019. Applications submitted without the required materials will not be eligible for consideration.

2020 Honors Fellowship Attorney – Impact Litigation Section - Executive Office: Philadelphia (20200501)

The Impact Litigation Section is responsible for representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a plaintiff in civil litigation and related legal matters involving issues of significant state and national importance, including matters relating to policies and actions of the federal government. It both initiates legal action on its own and joins actions initiated by other state attorneys general across the country in order to protect the legal rights of Pennsylvanians. The Impact Litigation Section also analyzes and advises on requests that Pennsylvania join amicus briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court and elsewhere and on requests that Pennsylvania join formal written comments submitted to federal agencies. The Impact Litigation Section is currently litigating several lawsuits in federal courts around the country, including the U.S. Supreme Court. These cases include challenges to the following federal policies: the rollback of the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate; the termination of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); the rollback of the Clean Power Plan; the repeal of net neutrality; the elimination of rules designed to protect students from predatory for-profit colleges; and many others.
Applications accepted until Nov 15, 2019.

2020 Honors Fellowship Attorney – Civil Litigation Section - Civil Law Division: Harrisburg (20200201)

An employee in this class provides varied legal services and advice on matters of moderate or significant scope and complexity. Work is typically civil defense litigation and involves representing the Commonwealth, the Office of Attorney General, the Governor, and various other Commonwealth agencies, officials, and employees in legal actions brought against them. The duties of this position involve the entire spectrum of civil litigation from service of legal process through post-trial motions and consultation on any appeals. Employees will work independently but also assist more senior attorneys on matters deemed to be more complex and difficult.
Applications accepted until Nov 15, 2019.

2020 Honors Fellowship Attorney – Criminal Prosecutions Section - Criminal Law Division: Harrisburg (20200101)

The Honors Fellow will provide varied legal services including but not limited to conducting research and analysis; formulating legal theories; and assisting senior attorneys and agents with criminal investigations and charging recommendations. The Honors Fellow will assist senior attorneys with writing motions and criminal informations; assist with witness interviews and case preparations; attend court proceedings with senior attorneys.  
Applications accepted until Nov 15, 2019.